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In periods short of conlhct maritime forces may be used as an extension of foreign policy In some circumstances the aim may be related to deterrence and in others at reassuring allies and neighbours of Australian support In an era of increased constraints on the overt use of force, the naval pressure mission has assumed con­siderable importance.

The projection of force ashore may lake many forms Firstly the conclusions drawn from a review of Australian geography suggests that the Defence Forces will require a high degree of strategic and tactical mobility in conducting oper­ations on the Australian continent The ability to move and maintain army elements from the sea would be a valuable capability In addition, there are many islands included in Australian offshore possessions requiring an amphibious capability respond to requests for assistance from neigh­bouring states. In fact an amphibious capability is in all probability essential for such support A special use of an amphibious capability is in sea­borne raids by special forces Such operations would be a valuable element in deterrence and in the strategic strike operations Finally, naval pro­jection of force ashore would be required to provide supporting fire to army operations

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