The Atlantic Slave Trade Questions How did slave traders acquire the slaves?

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The Atlantic Slave Trade Questions

  1. How did slave traders acquire the slaves?

  1. How many slaves died between the time they were captured and the time they got to the coast?

  1. What items did the Africans receive in return for providing slaves to the traders?

  1. Describe the triangle trade. Include the beginning and end of each leg and the goods that were transported.

  1. How long was the trip from Africa to America?

  1. Describe the conditions on the ships for the slaves.

  1. What percentage of slaves died on the way to America?

  1. How did some African slaves resist their captives?

  1. What was the punishment for resisting?

  1. What year did the British ban the Atlantic slave trade?

  1. What year did the United States ban the Atlantic slave trade?

  2. What other countries had banned the Atlantic slave trade by 1820?

  1. How did the conditions of slaves vary from New England, the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies?

  1. What convinced Virginians that slavery was the solution to their labor problems?

  1. What two Virginia laws greatly increased the number of slaves?

  1. Why were slave codes enacted and what did they do?

  1. What did the Maryland law enacted in 1663 say about blacks who lived in the colony? When was this law changed?

  1. How did the Carolinas encourage settlers to have slaves?

  1. By 1724, what was the ratio of blacks to whites?

  1. What religious group opposed slavery and urged slave owners to treat slaves well?

  1. How was slavery under the Dutch different from the South?

  1. What was the ratio of free blacks to slaves in Pennsylvania?

  1. What does manumission mean? Look in a dictionary if you need to.

  1. Describe the unique opportunities for blacks in Pennsylvania.

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