The Arts and Crafts and related movements -aesthetic, Art Nouveau and etc, in England, Europe and America

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AR H 9540 and ARAH 9570 Seminar in European and American Architecture and Design— The Arts and Crafts and related movements -Aesthetic, Art Nouveau and etc, in England, Europe and America

Fall 2012


This bibliography is not intended to be definitive, but to suggest possibilities for papers and research. There are many books on individual designers for which I have been very selective.

PERIODICALS: U. VA. Libraries, Fiske-Kimball and Alderman have some of these.

Architectural Review, London. Early years very A & C.

Architectural Record, New York

American Architect & Building News and others, which have scattered A & C articles.

Artsman (1903-07), Philadelphia based A & C oriented journal.

Country Life, England. Edited by Hudson, very strong A & C.

Country Life in America, offshoot of England model.

The Craftsman, edited by Stickley essential. (UVA has it on a CD/ROM—also new index by Marilyn Fish

House and Garden, Wilson Eyre helped found this and from 1901-1905 was an editor.

House Beautiful, very strong orientation

International Studio, also pub. as Studio published in London, very A & C and Art Nouveau oriented. Had some American work.

Ladies Home Journal, edited by Edward Bok, ran an important series of model home plans, including F.LL.W.
Recent periodicals related to the movement.

American Bungalow (1991+)

Arts & Crafts Quarterly (now) Style 1900 (1987+)

Craftsman Homeowner Club Newsletter (1989+)

The Frank Lloyd Wright Newsletter, (1978 +)

Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts (1986+) very important and frequently has theme issues devoted to obscure topics, i.e.: Argentina, Yugoslavia, etc.

Journal of William Morris Studies (1989+) –the William Morris Society is the publisher, the Society is much older than the newsletter and journal

The Prairie School Review pub. 1964-1981, essential for the Midwest.

The Tabby 2000+

The Tiller, 1982-1984? (a modest attempt at a journal)
Biographical Sources
Dictionary of American Biography New York: Scribner, 1928-. 22v + supplements. Alderman Library Reference E176 .D563.
Gives biographical sketches and bibliographic sources on notable Americans exclusive of living persons. Similar collections exist for other countries such as the Dictionary of National Biography for England.

Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects. New York: Free Press, 1982. 4v. Fine Arts Reference and Alderman Reference NA40 .M25 1982.
Gives biographical sketches, lists of works, and bibliographic sources on major architects. This is a good place to begin research. And is on-line
Withey, Harold F. and C.R. Withey. Biographical Dictionary of American Architects (deceased). Los Angeles: New Age Publishing Co., 1956. Fine Arts Library NA736 .W5
An important and often overlooked book that identifies and gives information on 1000's of Architects, many of them very obscure. Some of the information must be checked. Similar dictionaries exist for other countries.
Periodical Indexes

Look on line at Avery, Art Index and others…

Surveys (Not limited to one country)
Anscombe, Isabelle and Gere, Charlotte, Arts & Crafts in Britain and America, London and New York: Academy and Rizzoli, 1979.
Calloway, Stephen, Twentieth-Century Decoration (1988), good illustrations, mainly England and Europe.
Celik, Zeynep Displaying the Orient : architecture of Islam at nineteenth-century world's fairs (1992)
Cumming, Elisabeth and Kaplan, Wendy, The Arts and Crafts Movement (1991) a survey
Gere, Charlotte, Nineteenth Century Decoration (1989)
Greenhalgh, Paul ed. Art Nouveau, 1890-1914 (London: V&A Publications, c2000). Catalogue of a mammoth show.
Kempton, Richard Art Nouveau: An Annotated Bibliography, Los Angeles: Hennessey and Ingalls, 1977.
King, Anthony, The Bungalow: The Production of a Global Culture (2nd ed. 1995), Very important in treating bungalow around the English speaking world.
Lambourne, Lionel, Utopian Craftsmen: The Arts and Crafts Movement from the Cotswolds to Chicago (1982), only Eng. and America, no continent.
Latham, Ian, ed. New Free Style (London and New York, Architectural design and Rizzoli, 1980), good compilation of material. also appeared as an issue of A/D, or Architectural Design magazine
Madsen, S. Tschudi, Art Nouveau (1967)
__________________, Sources of Art Nouveau (New York: Da Capo, 1979, 1956) Old, but an important study.
Pevsner, Nikolaus, and Richards, J. M., eds. The Anti-Rationalists (1973), important collection of articles.
_________________, Pioneers of the Modern Movement From William Morris to Walter Gropius (1936), reprinted as Pioneers of Modern Design Movement From William Morris to Walter Gropius (1949, and later editions), virtually defined the movement.
Rheims, Maurice, The Flowering of Art Nouveau (1966), great collection of illustrations
Russell, Frank, ed. Art Nouveau Architecture (1979)
Selz, Peter, ed. Art Nouveau (1959), a cat. of a MoMA exhibit that was important in developing interest in AN.

Alison, Filippo, Charles Rennie Mackintosh as a Designer of Chairs, London: Warehouse Editions, 1974.

Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society (London) Arts and Crafts Essays (1893, and several reprints), has essays by all the English leaders; Morris, Crane, Lethaby, etc....

Arwas, Victor, The Liberty Style, London: Academy editions 1979. The London store.

Aslin, Elizabeth The Aesthetic Movement Prelude to Art Nouveau, (New York: Praeger, 1969)
Backemeyer, Sylvia & Gronberg, Theresa, W. R. Lethaby (London, 1984)

Brandon-Jones, John etc., C.F.A. Voysey: Architect and Designer 1857-1941 (London: Lund Humphires, 1978)

Comino, Mary, Gimson and the Barnsleys (1980)
Cooper, Jackie, ed., Mackintosh Architecture, London and New York: Academy Editions and St. Martin's Press, 1978. basically pictures
Crane, Walter, (1845-1915) The bases of design (1898) How to do it by a very important English designer and president of the Arts & Crafts Society
Crawford, Alan, C. R. Ashbee: Architect, Designer & Romantic Socialist (1985)
Crook, J. Mordaunt, William Burges and the High Victorian Dream (1981), also did a catalogue of furniture.
Curry, Rosemary J. Philip Webb in the North (Middlesbrough, U. K. 1984)
Darley, Gillian, Villages of Vision, London: Architectural Press, 1975, very good on Utopian villages.
Davey, Peter, Architecture of the Arts and Crafts Movement, (London: The Architectural Press, 1980). Almost entirely English, a little on continent and America.
Dixon, Roger, and Muthesius, Victorian Architecture (1978), the best survey--has list of architects and buildings.
Dresser, Christopher, The Art of Decorative Design (1862), important reform book.
Eastlake, Charles Locke, Hints on Household Taste (1868), with many later editions, especially important in America.
Gebhard, David, Charles F. A. Voysey, Architect, Los Angeles, Hennesy and Ingales, 1975.
Girouard, Marr, Sweetness and Light: The Queen Anne Movement 1869-1900, (London and New York: Oxford University Press, 1977), very good.
Gradidge, Roderick, Dream Houses: The Edwardian Ideal (London: Constable and Co., 1980), interesting study.
Greensted, Mary The arts and crafts movement in the Cotswolds (1996)

Hill, Rosemary, God’s Architect: Pugin and the Building of Romantic Britain (2007)

Howarth, Thomas, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Modern Movement, (London, 1952,) very important in recovery of Mackintosh, views him as “modern.”
Inskip, Peter, Edwin Lutyens (London and New York: Academy editions and Rizzoli, 1979).
Kaplan, Wendy, ed., Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1996), catalogue of exhibit.
Kornwolf, James, M. H. Baillie Scott and the Arts and Crafts Movement, Baltimore: John Hopkins, 1972.
Larner, Gerald and Celia, The Glasgow Style, London: Astragal Books, 1979.
Lethaby, W. R., Architecture, Mysticism and Myth (London, 1891)
______________, Philip Webb, His Life and Work (1935, 1979)
MacCarthy, Fiona, William Morris: A Life for our Time (1995), very contemporary treatment.
Mackail, J. W., The Life of William Morris (1899), 1st major biography
Macleod, Robert, Style and Society: Architectural Ideology in Britain 1835-1914 (1971), an important study that has good chaps. on A & C. related individuals.
Morris, William, The Collected Works of William Morris, 24 volumes (London: 1910-1915) There are many editions of Morris writings and letters.
Muthesius, Herman, Das English Haus translated, The English House, (London and New York, Crosby, Lockwood Staples, 1979, 1908-1911).
Naylor, Gillian, The Arts and Crafts Movement, (Cambridge: MIT Press, 1971), good, entirely English.
________________, ed., William Morris By Himself (1988) excerpts and excellent color plates
Parry, Linda, ed. William Morris (1996), catalogue of V&A exhibit.
Peterson, William S., Ed. William Morris: The Ideal Book (1982)
Pevsner, Nikolaus, Pioneers of the Modern Movement (1936)—the book that began it.
_______________, Studies in Art, Architecture and Design, Vol. 2, Victorian and After, (New York: Walker and Co., 1968). Contains many articles of important on Voysey, Mackmurdo and etc.
Richardson, Margaret, The Craft Architects (1983), drawings by A & C designers from the RIBA collections.
Robertson, Pamela, Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The architectural Papers (1990), collection of his writings and talks, with commentary.
Simpson, Duncan, C.F.A. Voysey (London, 1981)
Spencer, Robin, The Aesthetic Movement (London and New York: Studio vista and E. P. Dutton and Co., 1972)
Stamp, Gavin and Goulancourt, Andre, The English House, 1860-1914 (1986), good illustrations, takes up Muthesius and expands upon him.
Thompson, E. P., William Morris, Romantic and Revolutionary, London, 1955, 1977. The best political study.
Thompson, Paul, The Work of William Morris, (London: William Heineman LTD, 1967,. 1977) Good all around study; one of few to try and treat design issues.
Valliance, Aymer, William Morris: His Art, His Writings and His Public Life (1897)
Weaver, Lawrence, Houses and Gardens by E. L. Lutyens (London: Country Life Press, 1913)

Adlemann, Jim Ernst, Vienna Moderne: 1898-1918, (Houston: University of Houston, 1978) Museum catalogue with important materials.

Barillia, Diana, Istanbul 1900 (1996)
Borisova, Elena A., Russian Art Nouveau (1991)
Borsi, Franco and Godoli, Paris 1900 (1978)
Constantin, Paul, Arta 1900 in Romania (1972), an example of numerous books on A & C. and A.N. in different countries.
Edqist, Harriet, Pioneers of Modernism: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Australia (2008)
Garner, Philippe, Emile Galle (1976, 1990)
Lenning, H. F. The Art Nouveau (Hague: 1951), 1st book in English on AN
Geretsegger, Heinz, and Peintner, Max, Otto Wagner, 1841-1918, New York: Praeger, 1970.
Graham, F. Lanier. Hector Guimard (New York, Museum of Modern Art, 1970)
Hiesinger Kathryn Bloom, ed. Art Nouveau in Munich: Masters of Jugendstil (1988)
Hoffmann, Julius ed Der Moderne Stil / The Modern Style: Jugendstil / Art Nouveau, 1899-1905(Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt Gmbh, 2006)

Kallir, Jane, Viennese Design and the Wiener Werkstatte (1986)

Lars Sonck, Architect, 1870-1956. (Helsinki: Museum of Finnish Architecture, 1981.
_______________, Hector Guimard, Architectural monographs 2 (New York and London: Rizzoli and Academy, 1979).
Liverman,Astrid, Art Nouveau as Social Art: The Modern Democratic Aesthetic of Parisian Worker Housing 1894-1914, Ph.D. Dissertation (Charlottesville: University of Virginia, 2006).

Madsen, Stephen T. Sources of Art Nouveau (Oslo, 1956)

Rheims, Maurice, Hector Guimard (1985, 1988), wow photos!!
Saarinen in Finland (1984), catalogue of exhibit, illustrates his A & C connections.
Stamp, Gavin, Robert Weir Schultz, Architect...(1981)
Troy, Nancy J. Modernism and the Decorative Arts in France: Art Nouveau to Le Corbusier (1991)
Varnedoe, Kirk, Vienna 1900, Art, Architecture & Design (1986), catalogue of big MoMA exhibit.
Victoria & Albert Museum Victorian Church Art (1971), catalogue of an exhibit, v.i. in illustrating the relevance of church decoration to A & C.
Wagner, Otto, Modern Architecture: A Guidebook for his students (1896, later eds.), important
Weisberg, Gabriel, Art Nouveau Bing (1986), best study so far on the creator of A.N.
Anderson, Timothy J. Moore, Eodorah M., and Winter, Robert W., California Design 1910 (1974) Excellent!
Bathcelder, E. A., The Prinicples of Design (1904, and later eds)-VI book by a leading tile designer
Blanchard, Mary Warner, Oscar Wilde’s America: Counterculter in the Gilded Age (1998), as title indicates, more Aesthetic Movement
Boris, Eileen, Art and Labor: Ruskin, Morris and the Craftsman Ideal in America (1986), good social background
Bosley, Edward R., and Anne E. Mallek, eds. A New and Native Beauty: The Art and Craft of Greene& Greene (2008), essays to accompany a major traveling exhibit of the Greene’s work.
Bowman, Leslie Greene, ed. American Arts & Crafts: Virtue in Design (1990), catalogue with some great objects.
Bray, Hazel V. The Potter's Art In California 1885-1955 (1978), example of a catalogue that has important A & C materials.
Brooks, H. Allen, The Prairie School (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1972). The definitive study.
Brooks, H. Allen, Prairie School Architecture, Studies from the Western Architect Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1979.
Broward, Robert C., The Architecture of Henry John Klutho: The Prairie School in Jacksonville (1983)
Bungalows - there are many plan books on bungalows - see the card catalogue.
Cardwell, Kenneth H., Bernard Maybeck (Salt Lake and Santa Barbara: Peregrine Smith, Inc., 1977)
Cathers, David M. Furniture of the American Arts and Crafts Movement (1981)
Chicago Architectural Foundation, The Chicago Bungalow (2001)
Clark, Robert Judson, The Arts and Crafts Movement in America, 1876-1916 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1972) catalogue of mainly decorative arts; but very important and is the exhibit that helped bring A&C back to center stage.
Clark, Robert Judson, et al, Design in America: The Cranbrook Vision, 1925-1950 (1983)
Cook, Clarence, The House Beautiful: Essays on Beds and Tables, Stools and Candlesticks (1878), important for the Aesthetic Movement in America.
Cram, Ralph Adam, Church Building, Boston: Small, Maynard & Co., (1906) v.i. in revolutionizing Am. church design. Cram wrote lots of other books.
________________, My Life in Architecture Boston: Small, Maynard & Co., 1936
Craig, Robert Bernard Maybeck at Principia College: the Art and Craft of Building (2004)
Delaware Art Museum, The Byrdcliffe Arts & Crafts Colony (1984), catalogue of exhibit
Detroit Institute of Arts, Arts and Crafts in Detroit 1906-1976 (1976)
Duncan, Alastair, Eidelberg, Martin, Harris, Neil, Masterworks of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1989)
Eaton, Leonard K. Landscape Artist in America: The Life and Work of Jens Jenson (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1964)
Edwards, Holly, Noble Dreams, Wicked Pleasures: Orientalism in America, 1870-1930 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2000)
Eidelberg, Martin, Nina Gray and Margaret K. Hofer, A New Light on Tiffany: Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany Girls (New York: New-York Historical Society, 2007)
Engelbrecht, Lloyd C. and June-Marie, Henry C. Trost, Architect of the Southwest (1981)
Freeman, John Crosby, The Forgotten Rebel: Gustav Stickley... (1966), first rediscovery
Frelinghuysen, Alice Cooney, et al, Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall (New Haven and New York: Yale University Press and Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2006)-contains Wilson’s essay
Freudenheim, Leslie M. Building with Nature: Inspiration for the Arts & Crafts Home (2005)
Gilborn, Craig, Adirondack Furniture (1987)
Gilborn, Craig, Durant: The Fortunes and Woodland Camps of a Family in the Adirondacks (1981)
Jordan, James C., III, Southern Arts and Crafts 1890-1940 (1996)
Johnson, Diane C. American Art Nouveau (1979), poor text, good illustrations.
Kaplan, Wendy, ed., The Art That is Life: The Arts & Crafts Movement in America. (Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, NGAS & Little Brown, 1987) Catalogue--with essays, Wilson, Clark, et al, for big 1987-88 exhibit)
Keeler, Charles, The Simple Home Santa Barbara and Salt Lake City: Peregrine Smith, Inc. 1979, 1904 - Maybeck's Philosophy
Klotz, Esther, The Mission Inn: Its History and Artifacts, Riverside, CA: Rubidoux Printing, 1982.

Kreisman Lawrence, Glenn Mason The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Timber Press, 2007)

Lancaster, Clay, The American Bungalow (1985)
_______________, The Japanese Influence in America (1963)
Longstreth, Richard, On the Edge of the World Four San Francisco Architects at the Turn of the Century, (Cambridge: MIT Press, 1983) includes early Maybeck.
Ludwig, Coy L. The Arts and Crafts Movement in New York State, 1890s-1920s (Hamilton: Galley Association of New York State, Inc.) Museum catalogues with interesting information.
McCoy, Esther, Five California Architects (New York: Praeger, 1960, 1975) includes Gill, Maybeck, and the Greenes
Makinson, Randell L., Greene and Greene 2 vols. (Santa Barbara and Salt Lake City: Peregrine Smith, Inc., 1979) The definitive study - at length.
Meister, Maureen, Architecture and the Arts and Crafts Movement in Boston: Harvard's H. Langford Warren (Durham: University press of New England, 2003)
Meyer, Marilee Boyd, ed, Inspiring Reform: Boston’s Arts and Crafts Movement (1997)
Miller, Wilhelm L., The Prairie Spirit in Landscape Gardening (Urbana: University of Illinois, 1915).
Morgan, William, The Almighty Wall: The Architecture of Henry Vaughn (1983), important English figure who worked in New England.
Peisch, Mark L., The Chicago School of Architecture: Early Followers of Sullivan and Wright (N.Y.: Random House: 1964 Primarily W. B. Griffin.
Robinson, Cheryl, The Domestic Scene (1897-1927): George M. Niedecken, Interior Architect (Milwaukee: Milwaukee Art Museum: 1981)
Saylor, Henry H., Architectural Styles for Country Houses (NY: Robert M. McBride & Co. 1912, 1919). Has a lot on American A & C house types including Gill, Midwest & English plaster
Saylor, Henry H. Bungalows (Phil: John C. Winston Co., 1911) one of best
Sigur, Hannah, The Influence of Japanese Art on Design (2008), very important study.
Smith, Mary Ann, Gustav Stickley, The Craftsman (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1983). The first study of Stickley as an architect.
Stickley, Gustav, The Craftsman, an Anthology ed., Barry Sanders. Salt Lake and Santa Barbara: Peregrine Smith 1978.
________________, Craftsman Homes (1909)
________________, More Craftsman Homes (1912)

Triggs, Oscar Lovell, Chapters in the History of the Arts and Crafts Movement (1902, reprint, 1971)

Twombly, Robert C., Frank Lloyd Wright an Interpretive Biography (New York: Harper, 1973. The best study of F. LL. W's entire career.
Ulehla, Karen Evans, ed. The Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, Exhibition Record, 1897-1927 (Boston: Boston Public Library, 1981)
Via, Marie, and Searl, Marjorie K., Head, Heart and Hand: Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofters (1994)
Volpe, Tod, and Cathers, Beth, Treasures of the American Arts and Crafts Movement 1890-1920 (1988), nice pictures, usual puffy text.
Weitz, Karen J., California's Mission Revival Los Angeles, Hennesy and Ingalls, 1984).
Wilson, Richard Guy, From Architecture to Object: Masterworks of the American Arts & Crafts Movement (1989), catalogue with essay.
___________________, and Robinson, Sidney K., The Prairie School in Iowa (Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1977). Example of a regional study.
Windsor, H. H. Mission Furniture: How to Make It (1909, 1910, 1912, reprinted 1976)
Winter, Robert, The California Bungalow Los Angeles: Hennessey and Ingalls, 1980.
____________, ed. Toward a Simpler Way of Life: The Arts & Crafts Architects of California (1997)
Zipf, Catherine, Professional Pursuits: Women and the American Arts and Crafts Movement (Knoxville, U of Tenn Press, 2007),
Zukowsky, John ed., Chicago Architecture, 1872-1922, Munich: Prestel-Verlag, 1987, catalogue of exhibit, essay by Wilson on Chicago Arts & Crafts.

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