The Articles of Confederation ap american History Introduction

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The Articles of Confederation

AP American History

Once Independence was declared the new nation had a name, a flag and an army. What

they lacked, was a government. What then would be the shape of this new government? How much authority would be granted to the Central government? How much liberty would be given to the states and citizens? These questions faced our Founding/Forming Fathers in 1777 and continue to be a topic of intense debate in our nation today.

Terms to know

Confederation primogeniture

"the Critical Period" Shays Rebellion

“mobocracy” Annapolis Convention (1786) anarchy Land Ordinance of 1785 Daniel Shays Northwest Ordinance Depression of 1787 Newburg Conspiracy (1783)

Jay-Gardoqui Treaty Adams-Carmathen Negotiations
Text Resources: Bailey pp. 164-177 and Zinn 77-95
Study Questions: (Handwritten, minimum of 50 words)

1. Consider how America and American government would be different if the Articles of Confederation had remained the national government.—Due November 8

Wednesday, October 30: How revolutionary was the Revolution? We will analyze whether the Revolution was a radical or a conservative movement. For Wednesday: Read "The Radical Revolution: an Interview with Gordon Wood"
Thursday/Friday, Oct 31, November 1: Define Radicals and Conservatives as it relates to Pre- Revolutionary, Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary America. Discussion on the Articles of Confederation as representative of Radical thought. In our groups we will attempt to assess the document to gain information on how the Confederation was representative of the preservation of individual liberties as opposed to the politics of national interest.

For Monday: Read Zinn pages 77-95 and answer the related questions
Monday, Nov 4: Discuss the radicalism in the American Revolution, and relate it to the government of the United States under the Articles of Confederation.

For Tuesday: Read Bailey p. 164-177

Tuesday/Wednesday Nov 5/6: We will work on the Group project: "The Articles of Confederation: The Challenge of Sovereignty”. This will help us to analyze the pros and cons of this document. It will also help us to understand the mindset of those who wrote this document.

For Wednesday: Read “A State of Crisis”

For Thursday: Bring to class a list of issues and events that led to a revision of the Articles of Confederation. (Minimum of 10)
Thursday, Nov 7: Assess the problems and success of the newly formed government by analyzing events of the time period

For Friday: Read Carmathen to Adams on Northwestern Forts, and Jay on Spanish-American diplomacy, 1786
Friday, Nov 8: A discussion of American Foreign Policy during the Confederation. We will also discuss DBQ’s.
Monday, Nov 11: To review for the exam, we will analyze how effectively the Articles of Confederation dealt with the problems that faced the United States of America.

For Tuesday: Study materials for the DBQ test.
Tuesday/Wednesday, November 12/13: DBQ on the Articles of Confederation

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