The Antebellum in American History Exam: 2011-12 Southern Slavery: Handout and 2

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The Antebellum in American History

Exam: 2011-12

Southern Slavery: Handout and 8.2

  1. Explain the relationship between cotton production and slavery.

  1. From a 19th century Southern perspective: why was Slavery a necessary evil? What factors about slavery caused them great concern?

  2. Why did the South become dedicated to white supremacy?

  1. Describe the Southern economy during the antebellum? Did slavery impact the diversity of the Southern economy? Contrast this economic picture to the one in the North. Explain.

  1. Please describe the life and culture of those living in Southern slavery.

  1. Describe the rise of Abolitionism in the North. What were their goals and objectives?

  1. Describe the life and times of Frederick Douglass?

Manifest Destiny: 9.2

  1. Please discuss the painting “Manifest Destiny” and all of the representations of 19th century America.

  1. What about the West was appealing to eastern Americans?

  1. How were Native Americans impacted by America’s movement west?

  1. Identify:

    1. Brigham Young

    2. Mormonism

    3. Oregon Trail

    4. Donner Party

    5. Fifty-Four or Fight

  1. Discuss the presidential leadership of the following:

    1. John Tyler

    2. James K. Polk

    3. Zachary Taylor

    4. Franklin Pierce

  2. Describe the process by which Texas was annexed? What were the Northern and Southern perspectives on this annexation? What problems did it have trying to join the Union?

  1. Identify:

    1. Alamo

    2. Goliad

    3. General Santa Anna

    4. Sam Houston

    5. Lone Star Republic

  1. Why is James K. Polk considered by many to be a great president?

  1. What factors propelled America into a war with Mexico in 1848? What factors contributed to our success in this war?

  1. Describe the various opinions in opposition to the War with Mexico in 1848. Be specific.

  1. Identify:

    1. Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

    2. Winfield Scott

    3. Gadsden Purchase

    4. US: 1830 v. US: 1853

  1. Discuss the importance of the Wilmot Proviso and why this proved to be a crucial factor in the development of American sectionalism?

  1. What were the effects of expansion and the desire to pursue “Manifest Destiny”? How does this exacerbate the developing sectional problem in 19th century America?

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