The American Revolution Battle Tactics Directions

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The American Revolution Battle Tactics

Directions: Find the title, read the info, and answer the question below for each clickable box on the website.

1. Introduction – Who were the two sides of the American Revolution (Revolutionary War)?

2. Formal Battle – These tactics were based on tradition and honor. Firing from a concealed position (or hidden spot) was considered what by European standards?

3. Formal Battle Stage 1: Field Artillery – What was the effective range of the average cannon?

4. Formal Battle Stage 2: Front Line Advances – Even though their muskets could reach one hundred yards, how close would many troops move to their enemy?

5. Cavalry_Charge'>Formal Battle Stage 3: Bayonet and Cavalry Charge – Complete this sentence: Foot soldiers fixed knife-like bayonets to the end of their muskets and used them as ___________________.

6. Redoubt – What is a redoubt?

7. Loading and Firing a Cannon – How fast could a well-trained team load and fire a cannon?

8. Cannon Ammunition – What is a grape shot?

9. Cavalry – When was using the cavalry the most effective?

10. Militia – Each colony had its own militia. What was a militia?

11. British Army – Complete this sentence: Although the British army was well-trained and disciplined, they struggled against the _______________________.

12. Continental Army – Who was commander in chief of the Continental Army?

13. Challenges of Command – What does it mean to watch the flanks? Watch the _______.

14. Continental Army Foot Soldier – Fill in the blanks: The Continental Army began as an undisciplined group of ____________, but by the end of the Revolution it was a professional ____________.

15. British Army Foot Soldier - What army was one of the strongest in the world?

16. Diversity in the Ranks – True/False: Africans, Native Americans, and some women fought for both sides in the war.

17. Hessian Mercenaries – King George needed more soldiers, therefore he hired soldiers from what country?

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