The American Frontier

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AP US History

Unit 7 - Industrialization and Expansion

“The American Frontier” ~ D. Duane Cummins, William Gee White
Read and annotate the packet. Then either write the answers to the following questions on another sheet of paper or underline the passages that pertain to each question, being sure that your annotations adequately address each question.
1. How did the definition and perception of the frontier change during the nineteenth century?
2. What was the “germ theory” of history? What was Turner’s view of it?
3. What were the major arguments Turner proposed in the essay he presented at the Columbian Exposition in 1893?
4. What was the “safety valve theory?”
5. What was Turner’s second “great and challenging concept?”
6. Identify the principal arguments that later historians have made to attack or defend Turner’s Frontier Thesis and comment as to whether you agree or disagree with each, and why.

Download 37.5 Kb.

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