The American Dream and The Great Gatsby Introduction Name

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The American Dream and The Great Gatsby Introduction


Using the websites below, answer the following in your words and SENTENCES.

Defining the American Dream

1) (1st 2 paragraphs ONLY)

  1. According to Nagel, who was Winthrop and what was his original American Dream?

  1. What needed to happen for it to occur?

  1. How does Benjamin Franklin’s writing relate to the American Dream?

2) Skipping up many years, watch the clip below (use head phones if you have them).

  1. What two sides of America are presented by the immigrants in this clip from West Side Story? What are positive and negative aspects of America?

3) Skipping up to the present, go to and type American Dream in the search box. Look through a couple pages of results. Using this search, pick 3 pictures and complete this chart:

Describe each picture

How does it relate to the definition of the American Dream above?

The Roaring Twenties

What are the most interesting facts you read about…

  1. Law and Order

  1. My thoughts, comments, or questions-

  1. Flappers

  1. My thoughts, comments, or questions-

F. Scott Fitzgerald

  1. Describe F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life using EXACTLY three words.

  1. Explain why, using details from the timeline.

The Great Gatsby

How does The Great Gatsby relate to modern times?


Essential Question

My thoughts

Think of all the information you’ve read today. Predict how the topics of this essential question might be important in The Great Gatsby.

What is it to be successful in America? Is there a dark side to American success?

What place does a dream or vision have in one’s life and relationships?

Do we spend too much of our lives convincing others we are someone we’re not?

What happens when we lose touch with reality and romanticize the past?

When you’re done, play the “1920s game” or a while at (use headphones if you have them).

OR The Great Gatsby Game (

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