The Allegory of the Cave, The Cave and The Crucible Mumford and Sons’ song, "The Cave", relates to

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The Allegory of the Cave, The Cave and The Crucible

Mumford and Sons’ song, “The Cave”, relates to The Crucible and Plato’s, The Allegory of the Cave in displaying the sacrifice and care for others. “The Cave” reads, “But I will hold on hope/And I won’t let you choke/On the noose around your neck”, this is analogous to Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible when John Proctor sacrifices his life in order to clear the names of others and save the reputations of his descendants. The lines from the song exemplify perseverance and holding on to the belief that there will be a good side while this person is so near death, but the author will not give up. In The Crucible John Proctor will not give up on alleviating himself from this guilty sin he has committed of witch craft accusations and while many people are near death due to persecution he will martyr himself in order to save them. These two pieces of literature further relate to Plato’s writing in which these prisoners are bound by chains in a cave and experienced a false reality their whole lives. The song lyrics in comparison to The Allegory of the Cave because the prisoners were blind to the real world and were so close to never acquiring the truth but hope allowed them to be set free. “The Cave”, The Crucible, and The Allegory of the Cave exemplify different beliefs but are all connected as they show that hope leads to the freedom from society and ignorance.

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