The 1718 Immigrants

What Was the Ancestry of the 1718 Galbraiths?

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What Was the Ancestry of the 1718 Galbraiths?
Do we know who their ancestors in Donegal were? Specific links are still missing, but we know quite a lot about their ancestors.
In a recent article in the Red Tower I wrote about a 1784 or 1785 memorandum written by Bartram Galbraith, second son of James Galbraith Jr. and grandson of James Sr. Addressed to an Alex Scott who was about to leave on a trip to Britain, Bartram wrote the words, "James Galbraith of the House of Bogeare," towards the end of the memorandum, as if to suggest that Alex Scott see if he could discover some information about this James Galbraith. I stated that this was the first genuine clue, indeed, actual evidence as to the ancestry of the 1718 Galbraith immigrants. I believe that the word Bogeare was a corruption over several generations of the word Balgair. As the name of James Galbraith of Balgair was passed down by word of mouth from one generation of Galbraiths to the next, perhaps Balgair became Bagair, then Bogair, and finally Bogeare. That corruption of the word Balgair was something which had to have occurred over time. It was probably not something Bartram had learned contemporaneously or he would have spelled it correctly as Balgair. I believe, as do others who have studied the subject, that the Pennsylvania Galbraiths were descended from the Balgair Galbraiths in Ulster.

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