Th to 3rd June 2005 The intervention issues that are affecting Minority Right in Ethiopia, Somali Women

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3. To Working Group on Minority

  • Working Group on Minority should give capacity building for NGOs and GOs.

4. To UN Human Rights Commission

  • UN should establish a follow up mechanism of the effective application of International conventions ratified by the country.

Finally I would like to address my thanks to the Ethiopian government for ratifying different international Conventions and family laws of different regions in the country and revising the penal law of the country in May 2005.

Thank you very much for your attention.

The statement fore warded by World Bank president Mr. James Wolfensohn, when they were reviewing the report from Ethiopia perspective, tells an important part of the story of what makes poverty, in Ethiopia across much of the Third World. He writes.
On another level, gender inequalities hinder development. While disparities in the basic rights; in schooling, credit and jobs; or in the ability to participate in public life take their most direct toll on women and girls, the full costs of gender inequality ultimately harm everyone. Evidence brought together in this report shows this unambiguously. A central message is clear: Ignoring gender disparities comes at a great cost to people’s well-being and to counties’ ability to grow sustain ably, to govern effectively, and thus to reduce poverty.”

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