Th, 2014 Symbol topic due to teacher: Choosing your symbol or landmark

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National Symbol Presentation

Standard: HSS 3.4.3 Know the histories of important local and national landmarks, symbols, and essential documents that create a sense of community among citizens and exemplify cherished ideals.

Project Due: Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Symbol topic due to teacher:

Choosing your symbol or landmark: Remember that there will only be 4 of each symbol and/or landmark allowed. The first four students to turn in their chosen symbol/landmark will gain approval. If you wait to turn in your choice, it may be taken. So, turn in your chosen landmark no later than Friday, February 21st. Of course you can turn it in earlier. Feel free to call or email me at
Presentation: Your presentation will be on one national symbol or landmark that you are interested in learning more about. You should use descriptive language (words and details) that will help engage your listener. From your description, your listener should be able to create a vivid and clear mind movie of your icon. Be sure to include a physical description of your symbol (size, height, materials used in its construction, when it was built, important facts about its construction, and where it is located), Also include the historical background of the symbol (why it was chosen or constructed or who first discovered it, how it became designated as a national monument, whether one person was important in this process), and any other information you think the listener should know. Be sure to include the significance of the symbol and its importance to the American public. You may use note-cards for your oral presentation, but make sure you practice.
Visual: You will need to include a model for your presentation. Create a model of your monument or symbol that best represents it. Suggested materials to use, but not limited to, are popsicle sticks, salt dough, clay, sugar cubes, paper-mache, carved soap bar or foam core. Your model should be no larger than 15 inches in length and 15 inches in width. It may be as tall as you’d like. *No store bought models will be accepted.
Writing: You will need to submit a paragraph explaining your national symbol. Your paragraph will need to have a title. Make sure you include a topic sentence, at least three star ideas, and lots of elaboration (examples and explanations explaining how and why). Remember to end your paragraph with a conclusion. Revise and edit your paragraph using CUPS. Be sure to have a final copy. Turn in all items in this order top to bottom: Final copy, rough draft/1st draft with editing and revision, informal outline.


I have read the above project guidelines with my child. I am aware of the presentation, visual, and writing requirements. Also, I am aware the project is due on March 19th, 2014. Additionally, I am aware that late projects will have points deducted.

Symbol or landmark chosen_________________________________________________

_______________________ _____________________________

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National Symbol Project Rubric

Grading Criteria (oral presentation)

Points ( 10max)

Appearance and neatness


Depth of knowledge of physical description

Depth of knowledge of historical background

Depth of knowledge of significance to American people

Prepared/eye contact

Some Landmarks/symbols to choose from

Statue of Liberty Great Seal

United States Flag Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial Mount Rushmore

Liberty Bell Washington Monument

Bald Eagle State/National flower

Golden Gate Bridge California Flag

White House Building Capital Building
Some helpful resources, also use books, encyclopedias, travel brochures

google Ben’s guide to government
Sample Informal Outline

T= landmark chosen (write a topic sentence

* physical description

* historical background

*significance of the icon and its importance to the American people
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