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Locks (Hydraulic engineering)

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Locks (Hydraulic engineering)

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Locks (Canals)

BT: Architectural elements

RT: Canals

Control No.: lctgm006047

MT: Locksmiths

UF: Latchmakers

BT: People associated with manual labor

RT: Locks (Hardware)

Control No.: lctgm006048
MT: Locomotion

PN: For the subject of locomotion in general.

UF: Motion

UF: Movement

NT: Animal locomotion

NT: Chasing

NT: Climbing

NT: Crawling & creeping

NT: Cycling

NT: Dance

NT: Flying

NT: Human locomotion

NT: Jumping

NT: Lifting & carrying

NT: Marching

NT: Pacing

NT: Running

NT: Spin (Aerodynamics)

NT: Walking

RT: Biomechanics

RT: Circulation (Architecture)

RT: Clumsiness

RT: Posting signs & notices

RT: Pulling

RT: Sitting

RT: Standing

Control No.: lctgm006049
MT: Locomotives

USE: Railroad locomotives

Control No.: lctgm006050
MT: Locomotives, Diesel

USE: Diesel locomotives

Control No.: lctgm006051
MT: Locusts

BT: Grasshoppers

Control No.: lctgm006052
MT: Lodes (Geology)

USE: Veins (Geology)

Control No.: lctgm006053
MT: Lodges

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Small houses in parks, forests, or domains; temporary habitations.

BT: Houses

NT: Ski lodges

RT: Camps

RT: Hotels

RT: Shelters

Control No.: lctgm006054
MT: Lodges (Gatehouses)

USE: Gatehouses

Control No.: lctgm006055
MT: Lodges, Fraternal

USE: Fraternal lodges

Control No.: lctgm006056
MT: Lodges, Ski

USE: Ski lodges

Control No.: lctgm006057
MT: Lodging houses

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Houses in which sleeping accommodations are provided.

UF: Boarding houses

UF: Flophouses

UF: Rooming houses

BT: Public accommodation facilities

RT: Dwellings

RT: Hotels

RT: Tourist camps & hostels

Control No.: lctgm006058
MT: Lofts, Organ

USE: Organ lofts

Control No.: lctgm006059
MT: Log buildings

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Wooden buildings

NT: Log cabins

Control No.: lctgm006060
MT: Log cabins

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Cabins

BT: Log buildings

Control No.: lctgm006061
MT: Log rafts

BT: Rafts

Control No.: lctgm006062
MT: Log rolling (Aquatic sports)

USE: Logrolling (Aquatic sports)

Control No.: lctgm006063
MT: Logged-off lands

USE: Cutover lands

Control No.: lctgm006064
MT: Loggers

UF: Lumberjacks

BT: People associated with manual labor

RT: Lumberyards

RT: Woodcutters

Control No.: lctgm006065

MT: Loggias

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For roofed galleries open on one or more sides, sometimes pillared, especially at an upper

story overlooking an open court; may also be separate structures, usually in a garden.

BT: Rooms & spaces

RT: Arcades (Architectural components)

RT: Balconies

RT: Porches

Control No.: lctgm006066
MT: Logging

USE: Lumber industry

Control No.: lctgm006067
MT: Logos

UF: Logotypes

RT: Advertising

RT: Publicity

RT: Signs (Notices)

RT: Symbols

Control No.: lctgm006068
MT: Logotypes

USE: Logos

Control No.: lctgm006069
MT: Logrolling (Aquatic sports)

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Log rolling (Aquatic sports)

BT: Aquatic sports

RT: Logs

Control No.: lctgm006070

MT: Logs

PN: For images that focus on bulky and long segments of tree trunks. Search under FUELWOOD

for pieces of smaller trunks and branches to be used for fires. Search under WOODCUTTING for


CN: As appropriate, double index under LUMBER INDUSTRY. Used in a note under LUMBER


UF: Timber

RT: Logrolling (Aquatic sports)

RT: Lumber industry

RT: Trees

RT: Woodcutting

Control No.: lctgm006071

MT: Loneliness

BT: Mental states

Control No.: lctgm006072
MT: Longboats

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

BT: Boats

RT: Lifeboats

RT: Rowboats

Control No.: lctgm006073

MT: Longcase clocks

UF: Grandfather clocks

UF: Tall clocks

RT: Clocks & watches

Control No.: lctgm006074
MT: Longevity

RT: Biology

RT: Older people

Control No.: lctgm006075

MT: Longshoremen

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Dock hands

UF: Stevedores

BT: People associated with manual labor

RT: Longshoremen's strikes

RT: Longshoremen's unions

RT: Shipping

Control No.: lctgm006076
MT: Longshoremen's strikes

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Freight handlers' strikes

RT: Longshoremen

RT: Longshoremen's unions

Control No.: lctgm006077

MT: Longshoremen's unions

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Labor unions

RT: Longshoremen

RT: Longshoremen's strikes

Control No.: lctgm006078

MT: Loofahs

PN: The fibrous skeleton of loofah fruit used as a sponge.

BT: Fruit

BT: Sponges

Control No.: lctgm006079
MT: Looking glasses

USE: Mirrors

Control No.: lctgm006080
MT: Lookout towers

USE: Watch towers

Control No.: lctgm006081
MT: Lookout towers, Fire

USE: Fire lookout stations

Control No.: lctgm006082
MT: Looms

PN: Frames or machines for interlacing at right angles two or more sets of threads or yarns to

form a cloth.

RT: Equipment

RT: Textile machinery

RT: Weaving

Control No.: lctgm006083
MT: Loons

Facet: --[country or state]

BT: Birds

Control No.: lctgm006084

MT: Loot

USE: Treasure-trove

Control No.: lctgm006085
MT: Looting

USE: Robberies

USE: War destruction & pillage

Control No.: lctgm006086

MT: Lord's Day

USE: Sabbaths

Control No.: lctgm006087
MT: Lord's Supper

USE: Communion

Control No.: lctgm006088
MT: Losers

UF: Failures

BT: People

Control No.: lctgm006089

MT: Loss of consciousness

UF: Consciousness, Loss of

UF: Fainting

UF: Unconsciousness

BT: Mental states

RT: Health

Control No.: lctgm006090
MT: Loss of hope

USE: Despair

Control No.: lctgm006091
MT: Lost persons

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For people who have lost their way.

BT: People

Control No.: lctgm006092
MT: Loter a (Game)

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Games

RT: Bingo

Control No.: lctgm006093
MT: Lotteries

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Gambling

RT: Fund raising

Control No.: lctgm006094
MT: Lottery tickets

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Tickets, Lottery

Control No.: lctgm006095

MT: Lounge cars

USE: Railroad lounge cars

Control No.: lctgm006096
MT: Lounge chairs

BT: Chairs

Control No.: lctgm006097
MT: Lounges

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Interiors

Control No.: lctgm006098

MT: Loupes

USE: Hand lenses

Control No.: lctgm006099
MT: Love

HN: Changed 11/1992 from non-postable term (Use COURTSHIP & LOVE or FREE LOVE).

BT: Mental states

RT: Couples

RT: Courtship

RT: Cupids

RT: Families

RT: Free love

RT: Friendship

RT: Kissing

RT: Love letters

RT: Marriage

RT: Romances

Control No.: lctgm006100

MT: Love letters

UF: Letters, Love

BT: Correspondence

RT: Courtship

RT: Love

Control No.: lctgm006101

MT: Lovemaking

USE: Sex

Control No.: lctgm006102
MT: Lovers' lanes

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Lanes, Lovers'

RT: Courtship

RT: Roads

RT: Walkways

Control No.: lctgm006103
MT: Low cost housing

USE: Housing

Control No.: lctgm006104
MT: Low income housing

USE: Housing

Control No.: lctgm006105
MT: Low water crossings

USE: Fords (Stream crossings)

Control No.: lctgm006106
MT: Low-back windsor chairs

USE: Captain's chairs

Control No.: lctgm006107
MT: Loyalty, Political

USE: Allegiance

Control No.: lctgm006108
MT: LSD (Drug)

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Acid (Drug)

UF: Lysergic acid diethylamide

BT: Narcotics

Control No.: lctgm006109

MT: Luaus

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: An Hawaiian feast.

RT: Eating & drinking

RT: Entertaining

Control No.: lctgm006110

MT: Lucifer

USE: Devil

Control No.: lctgm006111
MT: Luggage

UF: Baggage

UF: Trunks

UF: Valises

RT: Hotel porters

Control No.: lctgm006112

MT: Lumber

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Building materials

RT: Lumber industry

RT: Sawmills

Control No.: lctgm006113

MT: Lumber camps

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Work camps

RT: Lumber industry

Control No.: lctgm006114
MT: Lumber industry

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures.

CN: As appropriate, double index under WOODCUTTING. Double index under INDUSTRIAL

FACILITIES (or NTs) for images that focus on facilities. Used in a note under LOGS and


UF: Logging

UF: Timber industry

BT: Industry

RT: Building materials industry

RT: Crosscut saws

RT: Cutover lands

RT: Diesel donkeys

RT: Donkey engines

RT: Electric donkeys

RT: Logs

RT: Lumber

RT: Lumber camps

RT: Lumberyards

RT: Paper industry

RT: Skid roads

RT: Trees

RT: Woodcutting

RT: Wooding stations

Control No.: lctgm006115
MT: Lumberjacks

USE: Loggers

Control No.: lctgm006116
MT: Lumberyards

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

RT: Loggers

RT: Lumber industry

Control No.: lctgm006117
MT: Luminescent works

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Black light works

UF: Fluorescent works

UF: Glow-in-the-dark works

UF: Luminous works

Control No.: lctgm006118
MT: Luminous works

USE: Luminescent works

Control No.: lctgm006119
MT: Lumiprints

USE: Contact prints

Control No.: lctgm006120
MT: Lunatic asylums

USE: Mental institutions

Control No.: lctgm006121
MT: Lunch breaks

USE: Rest periods

Control No.: lctgm006122
MT: Luncheons

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

RT: Cookery

RT: Eating & drinking

Control No.: lctgm006123
MT: Lunchrooms

USE: Cafeterias

USE: Restaurants

Control No.: lctgm006124

MT: Lunchrooms, Employee

USE: Employee eating facilities

Control No.: lctgm006125
MT: Lunettes

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Surfaces at the upper part of a wall partly surrounded by a vault which the wall intersects,

often filled by a window, by several windows, or by mural painting.

BT: Windows

Control No.: lctgm006126

MT: Lust

UF: Lasciviousness

UF: Lechery

UF: Licentiousness

UF: Sexual lust

BT: Mental states

RT: Adultery

RT: Deadly sins

RT: Leering

RT: Rake's progress

RT: Sex

Control No.: lctgm006127

MT: Lutes

PN: Includes the activity of playing lutes.

BT: Stringed instruments

NT: Ouds

Control No.: lctgm006128
MT: Lutheran churches

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For images that focus on buildings, as well as the associated grounds.

BT: Protestant churches

Control No.: lctgm006129
MT: LVTs (Amphibian tractors)

USE: Tracked landing vehicles

Control No.: lctgm006130

MT: Lying

USE: Honesty

Control No.: lctgm006131

MT: Lying in state

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Search also under the subdivision --DEATH & BURIAL used with names of persons

(Appendix B).

UF: State funerals

BT: Funeral rites & ceremonies

RT: Coffins

Control No.: lctgm006132

MT: Lying tales

USE: Tall tales

Control No.: lctgm006133
MT: Lying-in hospitals

USE: Maternity hospitals

Control No.: lctgm006134
MT: Lynchings

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Killings by mob action without legal sanction.

BT: Homicides

RT: Executions

RT: Vigilance committees

Control No.: lctgm006135
MT: Lynx

Facet: --[country or state]

BT: Animals

RT: Lynx hunting

Control No.: lctgm006136
MT: Lynx hunting

Facet: --[country or state]

BT: Hunting

RT: Lynx

Control No.: lctgm006137
MT: Lyres

PN: Includes the activity of playing lyres.

BT: Stringed instruments

RT: Harps

Control No.: lctgm006138
MT: Lyricists

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

UF: Songwriters

RT: Musicians

Control No.: lctgm006139
MT: Lysergic acid diethylamide

USE: LSD (Drug)

Control No.: lctgm006140
MT: Machetes

BT: Equipment

Control No.: lctgm006141
MT: Machine guns

BT: Firearms

NT: Gatling guns

Control No.: lctgm006142

MT: Machine sewing

USE: Sewing machines

Control No.: lctgm006143
MT: Machine shops

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Workshops

Control No.: lctgm006144

MT: Machinery

NT: Agricultural machinery & implements

NT: Air compressors

NT: Bulldozers

NT: Coin counting machines

NT: Coin operated machines

NT: Concrete mixers

NT: Construction equipment

NT: Conveying systems

NT: Cotton gins

NT: Dredges

NT: Drilling & boring machinery

NT: Electric chairs

NT: Electric oscillators

NT: Electrical apparatus

NT: Engines

NT: Fans (Machinery)

NT: Food processing machinery

NT: Graders (Earthmoving machinery)

NT: Grinding machines

NT: Grinding wheels

NT: Guillotines

NT: Hoisting machinery

NT: Inclined planes

NT: Milling machines

NT: Pile drivers

NT: Presses

NT: Pulleys

NT: Pumps

NT: Road rollers

NT: Robots

NT: Snowplows

NT: Spinning machinery

NT: Steam hammers

NT: Steam shovels

NT: Switchboards

NT: Textile machinery

NT: Treadmills

NT: Waterwheels

NT: Wind tunnels

RT: Automation

RT: Ball bearings

RT: Bellows

RT: Belts & belting (Equipment)

RT: Equipment

RT: Gearing

RT: Lathes

RT: Machinery industry

RT: Mechanical systems

RT: Tipples

RT: Tractors

RT: Vehicles

Control No.: lctgm006145
MT: Machinery industry

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Manufacture and trade of machinery. Includes activities and structures.

CN: Double index under INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES (or NTs) for images that focus on


BT: Industry

RT: Machinery

RT: Tool & die industry

Control No.: lctgm006146
MT: Machines, Coin operated

USE: Coin operated machines

Control No.: lctgm006147
MT: Machines, Milling

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

USE: Milling machines

Control No.: lctgm006148

MT: Machismo

PN: A strong sense of masculine pride; an exaggerated awareness and assertion of masculinity.

RT: Men

RT: Mental states

RT: Sexism

Control No.: lctgm006149

MT: Macrophotographs

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm006150
MT: Madness

USE: Mentally ill persons

Control No.: lctgm006151
MT: Madonnas

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: An artistic depiction (as a painting or statue), usually of a mother and child, often of the

Virgin Mary and Jesus.

BT: Icons

BT: Mothers

Control No.: lctgm006152
MT: Madrasahs

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: A Muslim college or school.

UF: Madrasas

UF: Medreses

UF: Medressehs

BT: Educational facilities

BT: Religious facilities

RT: Islam

Control No.: lctgm006153

MT: Madrasas

USE: Madrasahs

Control No.: lctgm006154
MT: Magazine covers

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Covers, Magazine

UF: Periodical covers

Control No.: lctgm006155
MT: Magazine illustrations

USE: Periodical illustrations

Control No.: lctgm006156
MT: Magazine posters

USE: Book & magazine posters

Control No.: lctgm006157
MT: Magazine publishing industry

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Publishing industry

RT: Periodicals

RT: Publishers

Control No.: lctgm006158

MT: Magazine vendors

USE: Newspaper vendors

Control No.: lctgm006159
MT: Magazines

USE: Periodicals

Control No.: lctgm006160
MT: Magazines (Military buildings)

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: For buildings in which ammunition and explosives are kept at military installations.

UF: Ammunition depots

UF: Ammunition magazines

UF: Powder magazines

BT: Military facilities

RT: Ammunition

RT: Ammunition dumps

RT: Military depots

Control No.: lctgm006161
MT: Magen David

UF: Jewish star

UF: Star of David

BT: Symbols

RT: Judaism

Control No.: lctgm006162

MT: Magic

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Use of spells, charms, etc., believed to have supernatural power to produce or prevent a

particular result considered unobtainable by natural means, as well as the type of entertainment in

which a performer does tricks or so-called magic or conjuring.

UF: Conjuring

UF: Legerdemain

UF: Necromancy

UF: Prestidigitation

UF: Sleights of hand

UF: Sorcery

UF: Spells

UF: Wizardry

NT: Alchemy

NT: Card tricks

NT: Snake charming

RT: Amulets

RT: Crystal balls

RT: Entertainment

RT: Hypnotism

RT: Levitation

RT: Magicians

RT: Shamans

RT: Supernatural practices

RT: Talismans

RT: Telepathy

RT: Wishing wells

RT: Witchcraft

RT: Wizards

Control No.: lctgm006163

MT: Magic lantern slides

USE: Lantern slides

Control No.: lctgm006164
MT: Magic lanterns

USE: Projectors

Control No.: lctgm006165
MT: Magic posters

USE: Theatrical posters

Control No.: lctgm006166
MT: Magical devices

BT: Supernatural

NT: Amulets

NT: Divining rods

NT: Ouija boards

NT: Talismans

NT: Wishing wells

RT: Equipment

RT: Supernatural practices

Control No.: lctgm006167

MT: Magicians

UF: Conjurers

UF: Illusionists

BT: Entertainers

RT: Magic

RT: Wizards

Control No.: lctgm006168
MT: Magistrates

USE: Judges

Control No.: lctgm006169
MT: Magnetic healing

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Healing

RT: Magnets

Control No.: lctgm006170
MT: Magnetic resonance accelerators

USE: Cyclotrons

Control No.: lctgm006171
MT: Magnets

BT: Scientific equipment

RT: Magnetic healing

Control No.: lctgm006172

MT: Magnifying glasses

USE: Hand lenses

Control No.: lctgm006173
MT: Magnolias

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Trees

Control No.: lctgm006174

MT: Magpies

Facet: --[country or state]

BT: Birds

Control No.: lctgm006175

MT: Magueys

USE: Agaves

Control No.: lctgm006176
MT: Mah jong

BT: Board games

Control No.: lctgm006177
MT: Mahogany trees

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Trees

Control No.: lctgm006178

MT: Maidens

USE: Single women

Control No.: lctgm006179
MT: Maids

USE: Servants

Control No.: lctgm006180
MT: Mail

USE: Correspondence

Control No.: lctgm006181
MT: Mail boats

USE: Mail steamers

Control No.: lctgm006182
MT: Mail carriages

USE: Mail wagons

Control No.: lctgm006183
MT: Mail hacks

USE: Mail wagons

Control No.: lctgm006184
MT: Mail planes

USE: Transport planes

Control No.: lctgm006185
MT: Mail service

USE: Postal service

Control No.: lctgm006186
MT: Mail sleds

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Sleds, Mail

BT: Sleds & sleighs

RT: Postal service

Control No.: lctgm006187

MT: Mail steamers

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

UF: Mail boats

UF: Packet ships

BT: Vessels

RT: Postal service

Control No.: lctgm006188
MT: Mail trucks

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Trucks

RT: Postal service

Control No.: lctgm006189
MT: Mail wagons

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Horse-drawn vehicles used to carry mail.

UF: Mail carriages

UF: Mail hacks

BT: Carts & wagons

RT: Postal service

Control No.: lctgm006190

MT: Mailboxes

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Containers

RT: Postal service

Control No.: lctgm006191

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