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Industrial technicians

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: People

RT: Industry

Control No.: lctgm005357
MT: Industrial trusts

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Combinations of firms or corporations formed by legal agreement, especially ones that

reduce or threaten to reduce competition.

UF: Trusts, Industrial

BT: Big business

RT: Antitrust law

RT: Interlocking directorates

RT: Monopolies

Control No.: lctgm005358

MT: Industrialization

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Industrial development

Control No.: lctgm005359

MT: Industry

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Manufacture, trade, and the processing of materials and products. Includes activities and

structures. Search also under the subdivision --INDUSTRIES used with names of indigenous

peoples (Appendix A).

CN: Double index under INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES (or NTs) for images that focus on


UF: Factory work

UF: Manufacturing

NT: Artificial flower industry

NT: Banking industry

NT: Barbed wire industry

NT: Belt industry

NT: Boiler industry

NT: Bottle industry

NT: Bottling industry

NT: Box industry

NT: Broom & brush industry

NT: Building materials industry

NT: Cable industry

NT: Can industry

NT: Ceramic industries

NT: Chemical industry

NT: Chicken industry

NT: Clock & watch industry

NT: Clothing industry

NT: Coke industry

NT: Construction industry

NT: Cosmetics industry

NT: Defense industry

NT: Electric household appliances industry

NT: Electrical apparatus industry

NT: Electronic industry

NT: Equipment industry

NT: Firearms industry

NT: Fishing industry

NT: Food industry

NT: Furniture industry

NT: Game industry

NT: Gas industry

NT: Glass fiber industry

NT: Gypsum industry

NT: Heating & ventilation industry

NT: Henequen industry

NT: Ice industry

NT: Leather industry

NT: Lighting industry

NT: Lumber industry

NT: Machinery industry

NT: Match industry

NT: Mechanical spring industry

NT: Metallurgical industry

NT: Musical instrument industry

NT: Office equipment & supplies industry

NT: Optical industry

NT: Ore industry

NT: Paper industry

NT: Parachute industry

NT: Petroleum industry

NT: Phonograph industry

NT: Photography industry

NT: Pin industry

NT: Pipe industry

NT: Plastics industry

NT: Power industry

NT: Radio industry

NT: Rope industry

NT: Rubber industry

NT: Salt industry

NT: Sound recording industry

NT: Sporting goods industry

NT: Starch industry

NT: Straw industries

NT: Telecommunications industry

NT: Telephone supplies industry

NT: Television industry

NT: Textile industry

NT: Tire industry

NT: Tobacco industry

NT: Tobacco pipe industry

NT: Tool & die industry

NT: Toy industry

NT: Transportation industry

NT: Tube industry

NT: Twine industry

NT: Varnishing industry

NT: Wallpaper industry

RT: Assembly-line methods

RT: Business enterprises

RT: Candlemaking

RT: Furnaces

RT: Home labor

RT: Industrial productivity

RT: Industrial technicians

RT: Mining

RT: Occupations

RT: Quarrying

RT: Warehouses

Control No.: lctgm005360
MT: Inebriety

USE: Intoxication

Control No.: lctgm005361
MT: Inequality, Racial

USE: Racism

Control No.: lctgm005362
MT: Inequality, Sexual

USE: Sexism

Control No.: lctgm005363
MT: Infantile paralysis

USE: Poliomyelitis

Control No.: lctgm005364
MT: Infantry

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

BT: Armies

Control No.: lctgm005365

MT: Infantry landing craft

USE: Landing craft

Control No.: lctgm005366
MT: Infants

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Babies

UF: Papooses

BT: Children

RT: Baby carriages

RT: Bottle feeding

RT: Breast feeding

RT: Cradleboards

RT: Diaper service

RT: Maternity hospitals

RT: Pacifiers

RT: Showers (Parties)

RT: Strollers (Baby carriages)

Control No.: lctgm005367
MT: Infectious diseases

USE: Communicable diseases

Control No.: lctgm005368
MT: Infidelity, Marital

USE: Adultery

Control No.: lctgm005369
MT: Infirmaries

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For health care units which provide uncomplicated medical and nursing care for residents or

members of an institution or other facility.

CN: Double index under name of institution sudivided by --FACILITIES.

BT: Health care facilities

RT: Clinics

RT: Hospitals

RT: Sick bays

Control No.: lctgm005370

MT: Inflatable structures

USE: Air-supported structures

Control No.: lctgm005371
MT: Inflation

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Economic & social conditions

RT: Cost & standard of living

RT: Price regulation

Control No.: lctgm005372

MT: Influenza

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Flu

BT: Communicable diseases

Control No.: lctgm005373
MT: Information, Freedom of

USE: Freedom of information

Control No.: lctgm005374
MT: Informers

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Police informers

UF: Stool pigeons

BT: People

RT: Criminal investigations

RT: Spying

Control No.: lctgm005375

MT: Infrared photographs

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm005376
MT: Ingots

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Objects

RT: Metals

Control No.: lctgm005377
MT: Inheritance & succession

UF: Bequests

UF: Heirs

BT: Law & legal affairs

RT: Death

RT: Probate law & practice

RT: Wills

Control No.: lctgm005378

MT: Inheritance & transfer taxes

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Death duties

UF: Estate taxes

UF: Transfer taxes

BT: Taxes

RT: Death

Control No.: lctgm005379

MT: Initial letters

USE: Initials

Control No.: lctgm005380
MT: Initials

UF: Initial letters

UF: Letters, Initial

BT: Alphabets (Writing systems)

Control No.: lctgm005381
MT: Initiation rites

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For the rites, ceremonies, and associated ordeals and instructions, with which one is made a

member of or gains particular status in a sect or society; includes ceremonies in which a youth is

formally invested with adult status.

BT: Rites & ceremonies

RT: Fraternities & sororities

RT: Hazing

RT: Youth

Control No.: lctgm005382

MT: Initiatives & referendums

USE: Referendums

Control No.: lctgm005383
MT: Injections

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

RT: Health care

RT: Vaccinations

Control No.: lctgm005384
MT: Injuries

USE: Wounds & injuries

Control No.: lctgm005385
MT: Ink drawings

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm005386
MT: Ink jet prints

USE: Inkjet prints

Control No.: lctgm005387
MT: Ink stands

USE: Inkstands

Control No.: lctgm005388
MT: Inkjet prints

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Bubble jet prints

UF: Ink jet prints

Control No.: lctgm005389
MT: Inkless intaglio prints

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Blind embossed prints

Control No.: lctgm005390

MT: Inkstands

UF: Ink stands

BT: Writing materials

Control No.: lctgm005391

MT: Inlets

USE: Bays (Bodies of water)

Control No.: lctgm005392
MT: Inns

USE: Taverns (Inns)

Control No.: lctgm005393
MT: Inoculations

USE: Vaccinations

Control No.: lctgm005394
MT: Inquiry, Military courts of

USE: Courts martial & courts of inquiry

Control No.: lctgm005395
MT: Insane hospitals

USE: Mental institutions

Control No.: lctgm005396
MT: Insane people

USE: Mentally ill persons

Control No.: lctgm005397
MT: Inscriptions

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm005398
MT: Insect bites

USE: Bites & stings

Control No.: lctgm005399
MT: Insecticides

USE: Pest control

Control No.: lctgm005400
MT: Insects

Facet: --[country or state]

UF: Bugs

BT: Animals

NT: Ants

NT: Bedbugs

NT: Bees

NT: Butterflies

NT: Caterpillars

NT: Crickets

NT: Dragonflies

NT: Fireflies

NT: Fleas

NT: Flies

NT: Grasshoppers

NT: Mosquitos

NT: Moths

NT: Termites

NT: Wasps

RT: Arachnids

RT: Bites & stings

RT: Flypaper

RT: Pest control

RT: Plant parasites

RT: Spiders

Control No.: lctgm005401

MT: Insert cards

USE: Advertising cards

Control No.: lctgm005402
MT: Insignia

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Devices that indicate authority, rank, office, or honor in association with an organization

such as a military corps.

NT: Campaign insignia

NT: Seals (Insignia)

RT: Badges

RT: Medals

RT: Military decorations

Control No.: lctgm005403

MT: Inspection of food

USE: Food inspections

Control No.: lctgm005404
MT: Inspections

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Activities

NT: Automobile inspections

NT: Customs inspections

NT: Military inspections

NT: Product inspections

Control No.: lctgm005405

MT: Inspections, Customs

USE: Customs inspections

Control No.: lctgm005406
MT: Inspections, Military

USE: Military inspections

Control No.: lctgm005407
MT: Instant camera photographs

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Polaroid instant photographs

Control No.: lctgm005408

MT: Instant cameras

UF: Polaroid Land cameras

BT: Cameras

Control No.: lctgm005409

MT: Institutional care

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures. Search also under the subdivision --HEALTH &

WELFARE used with names of ethnic, racial, and regional groups, and with classes of persons

(Appendix A).

RT: Asylums

RT: Health care

RT: Nursing homes

RT: Rest homes

Control No.: lctgm005410

MT: Institutions, International

USE: International organizations

Control No.: lctgm005411

MT: Instructors

USE: Teachers

Control No.: lctgm005412

MT: Instrument panels

USE: Dashboards

Control No.: lctgm005413
MT: Instruments, Musical

USE: Musical instruments

Control No.: lctgm005414
MT: Insulating paper industry

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures.

CN: Double index under INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES (or NTs) for images that focus on


BT: Paper industry

Control No.: lctgm005415
MT: Insurance

BT: Contracts

NT: Health insurance

NT: Social security

RT: Accidents

RT: Business & finance

RT: Insurance companies

RT: Medicaid

RT: Medicare

Control No.: lctgm005416

MT: Insurance certificates

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm005417
MT: Insurance companies

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures.

CN: Double index under type of building for images that focus on buildings.

BT: Business enterprises

RT: Insurance

Control No.: lctgm005418
MT: Insurgents

USE: Rebels

Control No.: lctgm005419
MT: Insurrections

USE: Rebellions

Control No.: lctgm005420
MT: Intaglio prints

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm005421
MT: Integration

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

NT: School integration

RT: Civil rights

RT: Minorities

RT: Race relations

RT: Segregation

Control No.: lctgm005422

MT: Intellect

UF: Intelligence

RT: Intelligence levels

RT: Thinking

Control No.: lctgm005423
MT: Intellectual freedom

USE: Censorship

USE: Freedom of information

USE: Freedom of speech

Control No.: lctgm005424
MT: Intellectuals

Facet: --[country or state]

UF: Intelligentsia

BT: People associated with education & communication

Control No.: lctgm005425
MT: Intelligence

USE: Intellect

Control No.: lctgm005426
MT: Intelligence levels

UF: Intelligence quotient


RT: Intellect

Control No.: lctgm005427
MT: Intelligence quotient

USE: Intelligence levels

Control No.: lctgm005428
MT: Intelligentsia

USE: Intellectuals

Control No.: lctgm005429
MT: Intemperance

USE: Temperance

Control No.: lctgm005430
MT: Interaction, Social

USE: Interpersonal relations

Control No.: lctgm005431
MT: Intercommunication systems

UF: Intercoms

BT: Communication devices

RT: Building systems

RT: Public address systems

Control No.: lctgm005432

MT: Intercoms

USE: Intercommunication systems

Control No.: lctgm005433
MT: Intercourse, Sexual

USE: Sex

Control No.: lctgm005434
MT: Intercultural relations

USE: Cultural relations

Control No.: lctgm005435
MT: Interdependence of nations

USE: International organization

Control No.: lctgm005436
MT: Interfaith marriage

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Marriage

Control No.: lctgm005437

MT: Intergenerational relations

UF: Generation gap

BT: Interpersonal relations

RT: Baby boom generation

Control No.: lctgm005438
MT: Intergovernmental relations

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Use for relations between different and equivalent levels of government within one country.

UF: Federal-city relations

UF: Federal-state relations

UF: Federal-territorial relations

UF: Interstate relations

UF: State-local relations

BT: Politics & government

Control No.: lctgm005439

MT: Interior courtyards

USE: Atriums

Control No.: lctgm005440
MT: Interior decoration

PN: Selecting and arranging the surface ornamentation and furnishings of an interior.

UF: Decoration, Interior

UF: Home decoration

UF: House decoration

RT: Decorations

RT: Interior decoration firms

RT: Interior design

RT: Interiors

Control No.: lctgm005441

MT: Interior decoration firms

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures.

UF: Interior design firms

BT: Business enterprises

RT: Interior decoration

RT: Interiors

Control No.: lctgm005442

MT: Interior design

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Design specializing in interiors, including space planning, construction, building systems,

acoustics, lighting, heating, and air conditioning.

UF: Design, Interior

BT: Design

RT: Interior decoration

RT: Interiors

Control No.: lctgm005443
MT: Interior design drawings

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm005444

MT: Interior design firms

USE: Interior decoration firms

Control No.: lctgm005445

MT: Interiors

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Rooms & spaces

NT: Alcoves

NT: Apartments

NT: Attics

NT: Ballrooms

NT: Banquet halls

NT: Barrooms

NT: Basements

NT: Bathrooms

NT: Bedrooms

NT: Boudoirs

NT: Breakfast rooms

NT: Cargo holds

NT: Ceremonial rooms

NT: Chapels

NT: Circular rooms

NT: Classrooms

NT: Concourses

NT: Conference rooms

NT: Courtrooms

NT: Crew quarters

NT: Dens

NT: Dining rooms

NT: Drawing rooms

NT: Dungeons

NT: Emergency rooms

NT: Engine rooms

NT: Entrance halls

NT: Galleries (Display spaces)

NT: Galleries (Upper level spaces)

NT: Garden rooms

NT: Gynaecea

NT: Halls

NT: Hospital wards

NT: Kitchens

NT: Laundries (Rooms & spaces)

NT: Lecture halls

NT: Libraries (Rooms)

NT: Living rooms

NT: Lobbies

NT: Locker rooms

NT: Lounges

NT: Mezzanines

NT: Music rooms

NT: Naves

NT: Newsrooms

NT: Nurseries

NT: Offices

NT: Operating rooms

NT: Organ lofts

NT: Oval rooms

NT: Pantries

NT: Parlors

NT: Passenger quarters

NT: Pronaoi

NT: Reading rooms

NT: Recreation rooms

NT: Rest rooms

NT: Sacristies

NT: Salons (Social spaces)

NT: Scriptoria

NT: Showrooms

NT: Smoking rooms

NT: Stairhalls

NT: Stockrooms

NT: Studies (Rooms)

NT: Suites

NT: Television studios

NT: Vaults (Strong rooms)

NT: Waiting rooms

RT: Furnishings

RT: Interior decoration

RT: Interior decoration firms

RT: Interior design

RT: Rotundas

RT: Vaults (Architecture)

RT: Walls

Control No.: lctgm005446

MT: Interlocking directorates

PN: The holding of one individual of directorates in two or more separate corporations.

RT: Antitrust law

RT: Industrial trusts

RT: Monopolies

Control No.: lctgm005447

MT: Internal combustion engines

USE: Gasoline engines

Control No.: lctgm005448
MT: Internal migration

Facet: --[country or state]

PN: Process of moving within a country.

UF: Migration, Internal

RT: Arrivals & departures

RT: Emigration & immigration

RT: Migrant laborers

RT: Refugees

Control No.: lctgm005449
MT: International agreements

USE: Treaties

Control No.: lctgm005450
MT: International agricultural assistance

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: International aid to agriculture given to underdeveloped areas in the form of technical

assistance. Search under FARM RELIEF for economic assistance to agriculture.

UF: Agricultural assistance, International

UF: Foreign aid to agriculture

BT: Assistance

RT: Agricultural productivity

RT: Farm relief

Control No.: lctgm005451

MT: International communication

PN: Systems of global mass communication.

UF: World communication

BT: Communication

Control No.: lctgm005452
MT: International competition

RT: Commerce

Control No.: lctgm005453
MT: International economic assistance

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: For international aid given in the form of technical assistance, loans, or relief grants.

CN: Subdivide by nationality of people giving assistance and subdivide geographically by

country receiving assistance.

UF: Foreign aid programs

BT: Assistance

Control No.: lctgm005454

MT: International economic integration

UF: Common markets

UF: Economic integration

UF: Economic union

BT: Economic & political systems

BT: International relations

Control No.: lctgm005455
MT: International migration

USE: Emigration & immigration

Control No.: lctgm005456
MT: International organization

PN: For the theories and efforts leading toward world-wide or regional political organization of


UF: Interdependence of nations

UF: World government

RT: Cooperation

RT: Economic & political systems

RT: International organizations

RT: International relations

RT: International security

RT: Internationalism

RT: Peace

Control No.: lctgm005457
MT: International organizations

PN: Includes governmental and nongovernmental bodies, whether established on a permanent or

temporary basis, where the focus is on the international character of the body.

CN: Includes members, activities, and structures. Double index under ORGANIZATIONS'

FACILITIES (or NTs) for images that focus on facilities.

UF: Institutions, International

BT: Organizations

NT: International police

RT: Assistance

RT: Cooperation

RT: International organization

Control No.: lctgm005458

MT: International police

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: United Nations and non-United Nations armed forces which assist in maintaining peace

between warring factions.

UF: Peacekeeping forces

BT: International organizations

RT: International relations

RT: International security

RT: Intervention (International law)

RT: Law enforcement

Control No.: lctgm005459
MT: International relations

Facet: --[country or state]

PN: Search also under the subdivision --Diplomacy used with names of wars (Appendix C).

CN: Subdivide by countries involved in relationship. May use multiple headings to reflect all the



UF: Diplomacy

UF: Foreign relations

BT: Politics & government

NT: Arms control

NT: Containment (International relations)

NT: D├ętente

NT: Imperialism

NT: International economic integration

NT: International security

NT: Intervention (International law)

NT: Neutrality

NT: Pan-Americanism

NT: War allies

RT: Annexations

RT: Cultural relations

RT: Diplomats

RT: Economic sanctions

RT: Embassies

RT: Foreign service

RT: Freedom of the seas

RT: International organization

RT: International police

RT: Interpersonal relations

RT: National security

RT: Nationalism

RT: Peace conferences

RT: Peace negotiations

RT: Solidarity

RT: Space race

RT: Summit meetings

RT: Tariffs

RT: Territorial waters

RT: Treaties

Control No.: lctgm005460


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