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Hurdle racing

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Running races

Control No.: lctgm005214

MT: Hurdy-gurdy players

USE: Organ grinders

Control No.: lctgm005215
MT: Hurricanes

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes the event and any resulting damage.

CN: Used in a note under STORMS.

BT: Storms

RT: Cyclones

RT: Tornadoes

RT: Typhoons

Control No.: lctgm005216
MT: Hurrying

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

CN: A flurried and often bustling or disorderly haste; a state of eagerness or urgency.

UF: Rushing

Control No.: lctgm005217
MT: Husbands

USE: Spouses

Control No.: lctgm005218
MT: Husking bees

USE: Corn husking

Control No.: lctgm005219
MT: Huts

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Simple shelters often roughly built using available raw materials. Often temporary in nature.

UF: Shacks

UF: Shanties

BT: Shelters

RT: Dwellings

RT: Military facilities

RT: Residential facilities

RT: Thatched roofs

Control No.: lctgm005220
MT: HVAC drawings

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Air conditioning, heating & ventilating drawings

UF: Heating, ventilating, & air conditioning drawings

UF: Ventilating, air conditioning & heating drawings

Control No.: lctgm005221

MT: HVAC systems

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

BT: Mechanical systems

NT: Flues

RT: Air conditioners

RT: Temperature

RT: Thermostats

Control No.: lctgm005222
MT: Hyalotypes

USE: Albumen transparencies

Control No.: lctgm005223
MT: Hydraulic construction works

USE: Hydraulic facilities

Control No.: lctgm005224
MT: Hydraulic facilities

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]



UF: Hydraulic construction works

UF: Water distribution structures

BT: Facilities

NT: Aqueducts

NT: Caissons (Hydraulic structures)

NT: Canals

NT: Culverts

NT: Dams

NT: Dikes (Engineering)

NT: Erosion protection works

NT: Flumes

NT: Fountains

NT: Icebreakers

NT: Levees

NT: Millraces

NT: Penstocks

NT: Pipes (Conduits)

NT: Pumping stations

NT: Reservoirs

NT: Sewers

NT: Shadoofs

NT: Sluices

NT: Spillways

NT: Water tanks

NT: Water towers

NT: Waterworks

NT: Wells

RT: Bodies of water

RT: Water power

RT: Water supply

RT: Water use

RT: Waterways

Control No.: lctgm005225
MT: Hydraulic mining

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and sites.

CN: Double index under GOLD MINING or other kinds of mining, as appropriate.

UF: Placer mining

BT: Mining

RT: Gold dredging

Control No.: lctgm005226

MT: Hydroelectric generators

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Electrical apparatus

BT: Generators

RT: Hydroelectric power

RT: Power plants

Control No.: lctgm005227
MT: Hydroelectric power

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Water power

RT: Dams

RT: Electricity

RT: Hydroelectric generators

RT: Power plants

Control No.: lctgm005228

MT: Hydrofoil boats

USE: Hydroplanes

Control No.: lctgm005229
MT: Hydrogen bombs

USE: Nuclear weapons

Control No.: lctgm005230
MT: Hydroplanes

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: Boats that skim over the surface of the water but do not become airborne.

UF: Hydrofoil boats

BT: Motorboats

RT: Seaplanes

Control No.: lctgm005231
MT: Hydroponics

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Horticulture

Control No.: lctgm005232

MT: Hyenas

Facet: --[country or state]

BT: Animals

Control No.: lctgm005233

MT: Hygiene

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For personal body care and cleanliness.

NT: Dental hygiene

RT: Bathing

RT: Chamber pots

RT: Grooming

RT: Health

RT: Medicine

RT: Preventive medicine

RT: Sanitation

Control No.: lctgm005234

MT: Hygiene facilities

USE: Health & hygiene facilities

Control No.: lctgm005235
MT: Hymn boards

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: A board hung in a church to display hymn numbers and readings for services.

BT: Signs (Notices)

RT: Churches

Control No.: lctgm005236

MT: Hypertension

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Blood pressure, High

UF: High blood pressure

UF: Vascular hypertension

BT: Diseases

RT: Stress

Control No.: lctgm005237

MT: Hypnotism

UF: Autosuggestion

RT: Magic

RT: Mental states

Control No.: lctgm005238
MT: Hypocrisy

BT: Ethics

Control No.: lctgm005239
MT: Hypodermic syringes

UF: Needles, Hypodermic

UF: Syringes, Hypodermic

BT: Medical equipment & supplies

Control No.: lctgm005240
MT: Hysteria

CN: Use for mass hysteria.

BT: Mental states

Control No.: lctgm005241

MT: H-bombs

USE: Nuclear weapons

Control No.: lctgm005242
MT: Ibis

Facet: --[country or state]

BT: Birds

Control No.: lctgm005243

MT: Ice

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Ice crystals

BT: Natural phenomena

NT: Glaciers

NT: Ice floes

NT: Icebergs

NT: Icicles

RT: Cold

RT: Ice buckets

RT: Ice crossings

RT: Ice industry

RT: Ice sculpture

RT: Icehouses

RT: Snow

RT: Snow & ice climbing

RT: Winter

Control No.: lctgm005244

MT: Ice boats

USE: Iceboats

Control No.: lctgm005245
MT: Ice bridges

USE: Ice crossings

Control No.: lctgm005246
MT: Ice buckets

BT: Containers

RT: Ice

RT: Pails

Control No.: lctgm005247
MT: Ice castles

USE: Ice sculpture

Control No.: lctgm005248
MT: Ice cream cones

UF: Cones, Ice cream

BT: Baked products

RT: Ice cream & ices

Control No.: lctgm005249
MT: Ice cream & ices

UF: Ices

BT: Dairy products

RT: Ice cream cones

RT: Soda fountains

Control No.: lctgm005250

MT: Ice crossings

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Ice bridges

NT: Railroad ice crossings

RT: Ice

Control No.: lctgm005251

MT: Ice crystals

USE: Ice

Control No.: lctgm005252
MT: Ice cutting

USE: Ice industry

Control No.: lctgm005253
MT: Ice fishing

Facet: --[country or state]

BT: Fishing

Control No.: lctgm005254

MT: Ice floes

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Ice

RT: Icebergs

Control No.: lctgm005255
MT: Ice hockey

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes organizations and activities.

UF: Hockey

BT: Winter sports

RT: Hockey masks

RT: Ice hockey players

Control No.: lctgm005256

MT: Ice hockey players

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

CN: Geographic subdivision indicates where team or player is based.

BT: Athletes

RT: Ice hockey

RT: Winter sports

Control No.: lctgm005257
MT: Ice houses

USE: Icehouses

Control No.: lctgm005258
MT: Ice industry

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures.

CN: Double index under INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES (or NTs) for images that focus on


UF: Ice cutting

BT: Industry

RT: Ice

RT: Icehouses

Control No.: lctgm005259

MT: Ice palaces

USE: Ice sculpture

Control No.: lctgm005260
MT: Ice rinks

USE: Skating rinks

Control No.: lctgm005261
MT: Ice sculpture

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Ice castles

UF: Ice palaces

BT: Sculpture

RT: Ice

RT: Snowmen

Control No.: lctgm005262

MT: Ice skaters

USE: Skaters

Control No.: lctgm005263
MT: Ice skating

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Figure skating

BT: Skating

NT: Speed skating

RT: Ice skating rinks

RT: Winter sports

Control No.: lctgm005264

MT: Ice skating rinks

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Skating rinks

RT: Ice skating

Control No.: lctgm005265
MT: Ice sports

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

USE: Winter sports

Control No.: lctgm005266

MT: Icebergs

PN: Huge, floating masses of ice, detached from glaciers.

BT: Ice

RT: Glaciers

RT: Ice floes

Control No.: lctgm005267

MT: Iceboats

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes images that focus on people and activity.

UF: Ice boats

BT: Boats

RT: Sailboats

Control No.: lctgm005268
MT: Iceboxes

USE: Refrigerators

Control No.: lctgm005269
MT: Icebreakers

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: A structure that protects a bridge or pier from floating ice.

BT: Hydraulic facilities

RT: Ice-breaking vessels

Control No.: lctgm005270

MT: Icehouses

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Buildings in which ice is made or stored.

UF: Ice houses

BT: Storage facilities

RT: Ice

RT: Ice industry

RT: Outbuildings

Control No.: lctgm005271
MT: Ices

USE: Ice cream & ices

Control No.: lctgm005272
MT: Ice-breaking vessels

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

BT: Vessels

RT: Icebreakers

Control No.: lctgm005273
MT: Icicles

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Ice

Control No.: lctgm005274

MT: Iconostases

PN: Screens in Eastern Orthodox churches that separate the sactuary from the nave, usually

covered with icons.

BT: Religious architectural elements

RT: Icons

Control No.: lctgm005275

MT: Icons

UF: Ikons

BT: Religious articles

NT: Madonnas

RT: Iconostases

Control No.: lctgm005276

MT: Idealistic architecture

USE: Visionary architecture

Control No.: lctgm005277
MT: Identification keys

USE: Keys (Legends)

Control No.: lctgm005278
MT: Identification photographs

CN: TGM II terms.

UF: Mug shots

Control No.: lctgm005279

MT: Idols

Facet: --[nationality]

RT: Gods

RT: Religion

Control No.: lctgm005280
MT: Igloos

Facet: --[country or state]

PN: Dome shaped houses built of blocks of snow.

UF: Snow houses

UF: Snowhouses

BT: Dwellings

Control No.: lctgm005281
MT: Ignominy

USE: Disgrace

Control No.: lctgm005282
MT: Ignorance (Knowledge)

BT: Mental states

Control No.: lctgm005283
MT: Iguanas

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Lizards

Control No.: lctgm005284

MT: Ikons

USE: Icons

Control No.: lctgm005285
MT: Ill persons

USE: Sick persons

Control No.: lctgm005286
MT: Illegal aliens

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

UF: Undocumented aliens

BT: Aliens

RT: Immigrants

Control No.: lctgm005287

MT: Illegal arms transfers

UF: Arms smuggling

UF: Arms trafficking

UF: Gun running

BT: Crimes

RT: Arms & armament

Control No.: lctgm005288

MT: Illegal literature

USE: Underground literature

Control No.: lctgm005289

MT: Illegitimacy

UF: Bastardy

RT: Births

RT: Ethics

Control No.: lctgm005290
MT: Illiteracy

USE: Literacy

Control No.: lctgm005291
MT: Illnesses

USE: Diseases

Control No.: lctgm005292
MT: Illumination

USE: Lighting

Control No.: lctgm005293
MT: Illuminations

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm005294
MT: Illusionists

USE: Magicians

Control No.: lctgm005295
MT: Illusions

USE: Hallucinations & illusions

Control No.: lctgm005296
MT: Illusions, Optical

USE: Optical illusions

Control No.: lctgm005297
MT: Illustrated covers

USE: Covers (Illustration)

Control No.: lctgm005298
MT: Illustrated envelopes

USE: Pictorial envelopes

Control No.: lctgm005299
MT: Illustrated letter paper

USE: Letterheads

USE: Pictorial lettersheets

Control No.: lctgm005300

MT: Illustrations

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm005301
MT: Images, Electronic

USE: Electronic images

Control No.: lctgm005302
MT: Imaginary architecture

USE: Fantastic architecture

Control No.: lctgm005303
MT: Imaginary beings

USE: Fictitious characters

USE: Supernatural beings

Control No.: lctgm005304

MT: Imaginary views

USE: Conjectural works

Control No.: lctgm005305
MT: Imagination

USE: Fantasy

Control No.: lctgm005306
MT: Imbibition process prints

USE: Dye transfer prints

Control No.: lctgm005307
MT: Imitation

UF: Mimicry

RT: Entertainers

RT: Impersonation

Control No.: lctgm005308
MT: Immersions, Baptismal

USE: Baptisms

Control No.: lctgm005309
MT: Immigrants

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: Persons who leave their native land and settle in another country in order to become

permanent residents or citizens. For emigrants as well as immigrants.

CN: Subdivide geographically by country in which the immigrants have settled. As appropriate,

double index under the name of the ethnic, racial, or regional group, subdivided by country in

which they have settled.

UF: Emigrants

BT: People

RT: Aliens

RT: Emigration & immigration

RT: Illegal aliens

RT: Settlement houses

Control No.: lctgm005310

MT: Immigration

USE: Emigration & immigration

Control No.: lctgm005311
MT: Immigration policy

USE: Emigration & immigration

Control No.: lctgm005312
MT: Immigration stations

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Search under EMIGRATION & IMMIGRATION for activities.

BT: Government facilities

RT: Emigration & immigration

Control No.: lctgm005313

MT: Immunities, Congressional

USE: Congressional privileges & immunities

Control No.: lctgm005314
MT: Impaired vision

USE: Vision disorders

Control No.: lctgm005315
MT: Impassiveness

USE: Apathy

Control No.: lctgm005316
MT: Impeachments

Facet: --[country or state]

PN: Search also under the subdivision --IMPEACHMENT used with names of persons

(Appendix B).

RT: Crimes

RT: Law & legal affairs

Control No.: lctgm005317
MT: Imperial card photographs

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm005318
MT: Imperialism

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: For the subject of imperialism in general.

UF: Colonialism

UF: Expansionism

BT: Economic & political systems

BT: International relations

RT: Nationalism

RT: White man's burden

Control No.: lctgm005319

MT: Impersonation

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For the activity of pretending to be another person or type of person. Search also under

ENTERTAINERS (and NTs) for portraits in costume. Search also under the subdivision

--PERFORMANCES & PORTRAYALS used with ethnic, racial, and regional groups, and with

classes of persons (Appendix A). Search also under the subdivisions --PERFORMANCES and

--PORTRAYALS used with names of persons (Appendix B).

NT: Cross dressing

RT: Commemorations

RT: Deception

RT: Entertainers

RT: Female impersonators

RT: Fraud

RT: Imitation

RT: Role reversal

RT: Theatrical productions

Control No.: lctgm005320
MT: Implements

USE: Equipment

Control No.: lctgm005321
MT: Import taxes

USE: Tariffs

Control No.: lctgm005322
MT: Imports

USE: Commerce

Control No.: lctgm005323

MT: Imprecation

USE: Cursing

Control No.: lctgm005324

MT: Impromptu shrines

USE: Spontaneous shrines

Control No.: lctgm005325
MT: Inaugurations

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Search also under the subdivision --INAUGURATION used with names of persons

(Appendix B).

BT: Rites & ceremonies

NT: Presidential inaugurations

RT: Oaths

Control No.: lctgm005326

MT: Inaugurations, Presidential

USE: Presidential inaugurations

Control No.: lctgm005327
MT: Incense

RT: Rites & ceremonies

Control No.: lctgm005328
MT: Incinerators

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Waste disposal facilities

RT: Fire

Control No.: lctgm005329
MT: Inclined planes

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Inclined tracks on which vehicles such as trains, boats, and cars, are raised or lowered from

one level to another.

UF: Planes, Inclined

UF: Ramps

BT: Machinery

Control No.: lctgm005330

MT: Inclined railroads

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Used only if the railroad is described as being inclined.

BT: Railroads

RT: Cable railroads

RT: Mountain railroads

Control No.: lctgm005331
MT: Income taxes

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Taxes

Control No.: lctgm005332

MT: Incomes policy

USE: Wage-price policy

Control No.: lctgm005333
MT: Incompetence

RT: Ethics

Control No.: lctgm005334
MT: Incubators

BT: Medical equipment & supplies

RT: Embryology

Control No.: lctgm005335

MT: Independence

USE: Autonomy

Control No.: lctgm005336
MT: Indian agents

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Agents, Indian

BT: Government officials

RT: Indian reservations

Control No.: lctgm005337

MT: Indian encampments

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Search also under --STRUCTURES used with names of ethnic, racial, and regional groups

(Appendix A).

UF: Encampments, Indian

BT: Settlements

RT: Camps

RT: Indian reservations

Control No.: lctgm005338
MT: Indian interpreters

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Interpreters, Indian

BT: Translators

Control No.: lctgm005339
MT: Indian reservation police

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Police

Control No.: lctgm005340

MT: Indian reservations

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Reservations, Indian

BT: Settlements

RT: Indian agents

RT: Indian encampments

Control No.: lctgm005341
MT: Indifference

USE: Apathy

Control No.: lctgm005342
MT: Indigenous peoples

Facet: --[country or state]

PN: This heading may be further subdivided by the subdivisions used for classes of persons

(Appendix A). See also Library of Congress Subject Headings for names of specific groups.

CN: Use only when specific ethnic or racial group name is not known. As appropriate, subdivide

by the subdivisions used for classes of persons (Appendix A).

UF: Aborigines

UF: Native peoples

UF: Tribes

BT: People

Control No.: lctgm005343
MT: Indignation

USE: Anger

Control No.: lctgm005344
MT: Individuality

RT: Conformity

RT: Dissenters

RT: Interpersonal relations

Control No.: lctgm005345
MT: Indoor baseball

USE: Softball

Control No.: lctgm005346
MT: Indoor baseball players

USE: Softball players

Control No.: lctgm005347
MT: Industrial arbitration

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Arbitration of industrial disputes

UF: Industrial mediation

UF: Labor arbitration

UF: Mediation of industrial disputes

RT: Labor laws & legislation

RT: Labor unions

RT: Strikes

Control No.: lctgm005348

MT: Industrial buildings

USE: Industrial facilities

Control No.: lctgm005349
MT: Industrial cafeterias

USE: Employee eating facilities

Control No.: lctgm005350
MT: Industrial design

UF: Design, Industrial

BT: Design

Control No.: lctgm005351

MT: Industrial design drawings

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm005352
MT: Industrial development

USE: Industrialization

Control No.: lctgm005353
MT: Industrial facilities

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Search under INDUSTRY (or NTs) for activities.

CN: Used in a note under INDUSTRY (and NTs).

HN: Changed 1/1993 from INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS.

UF: Industrial buildings

BT: Facilities

NT: Factories

NT: Mine buildings

NT: Power plants

NT: Saline water conversion plants

NT: Workshops

RT: Guardhouses

RT: Smokestacks

RT: Stockrooms

RT: Studios

RT: Warehouses

Control No.: lctgm005354

MT: Industrial mediation

USE: Industrial arbitration

Control No.: lctgm005355
MT: Industrial productivity

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Efficiency, Industrial

UF: Productivity, Industrial

BT: Economic & social conditions

RT: Industry

Control No.: lctgm005356

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