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Farm buildings

USE: Agricultural facilities

Control No.: lctgm003840
MT: Farm crops

USE: Farming

USE: Plants

Control No.: lctgm003841

MT: Farm equipment

USE: Agricultural machinery & implements

Control No.: lctgm003842
MT: Farm houses

USE: Farmhouses

Control No.: lctgm003843
MT: Farm life

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For home life, leisure, and non-work activities. Search under FARMING for activities.

BT: Country life

RT: Corn husking

RT: Farming

RT: Hayrides

Control No.: lctgm003844

MT: Farm machinery

USE: Agricultural machinery & implements

Control No.: lctgm003845
MT: Farm price supports

USE: Agricultural price supports

Control No.: lctgm003846
MT: Farm produce

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Agricultural products

UF: Produce

BT: Food

RT: Agricultural exhibits

RT: Agricultural productivity

RT: Agriculture

RT: Farmers' markets

RT: Produce stands

Control No.: lctgm003847
MT: Farm relief

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]


UF: Agricultural assistance, Economic

BT: Assistance

NT: Agricultural price supports

RT: Agricultural productivity

RT: International agricultural assistance

Control No.: lctgm003848
MT: Farm women's markets

USE: Farmers' markets

Control No.: lctgm003849
MT: Farm workers

USE: Agricultural laborers

Control No.: lctgm003850
MT: Farmers

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

CN: Subdivide geographically for place farmer resides.

BT: People associated with agriculture

NT: Sharecroppers

RT: Agricultural laborers

RT: Farmers' markets

RT: Farming

RT: Hog calling

RT: Peasants

RT: Ranchers

Control No.: lctgm003851

MT: Farmers' groups

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures.

CN: Double index under ORGANIZATIONS' FACILITIES (or NTs) for images that focus on


UF: Agricultural groups

UF: Agricultural societies

UF: Grange

BT: Fraternal organizations

RT: 4-H clubs

RT: Farmers' markets

RT: Farms

Control No.: lctgm003852
MT: Farmers' markets

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Farm women's markets

BT: Markets

RT: Farm produce

RT: Farmers

RT: Farmers' groups

Control No.: lctgm003853

MT: Farmhouses

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Farm houses

BT: Houses

RT: Farms

Control No.: lctgm003854

MT: Farming

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For work activities on farms. Search under PLANTS and NTs for specific farm crops.

Search also under the subdivision --SUBSISTENCE ACTIVITIES used with indigenous people

(Appendix A).

UF: Crops

UF: Cultivation of soils

UF: Farm crops

UF: Fertilizing

UF: Field work

UF: Planting

UF: Seeding

UF: Sowing

UF: Tilling

BT: Agriculture

BT: Land use

NT: Crop rotation

NT: Dairy farming

NT: Truck farming

RT: Compost

RT: Crop dusting

RT: Farm life

RT: Farmers

RT: Farms

RT: Food industry

RT: Harvesting

RT: Homesteading

RT: Horticulture

RT: Meat industry

RT: Mowing

RT: Plowing

Control No.: lctgm003855

MT: Farmland

USE: Croplands

Control No.: lctgm003856
MT: Farms

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For tracts of land or water devoted to agricultural purposes.

UF: Farmsteads

UF: Farmyards

UF: Pastures

BT: Agricultural facilities

NT: Abandoned farms

NT: Collective farms

NT: Fish hatcheries

NT: Horse farms

NT: Orchards

NT: Plantations

RT: Croplands

RT: Farmers' groups

RT: Farmhouses

RT: Farming

RT: Livestock

RT: Outbuildings

RT: Ranches

RT: Scarecrows

Control No.: lctgm003857

MT: Farmsteads

USE: Farms

Control No.: lctgm003858
MT: Farmworkers

USE: Agricultural laborers

Control No.: lctgm003859
MT: Farmyards

USE: Farms

Control No.: lctgm003860
MT: Faro

USE: Gambling

Control No.: lctgm003861
MT: Fascism

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For the subject of fascism in general.

UF: Neo-Nazism

BT: Economic & political systems

RT: Dictators

RT: Fascists

RT: National socialism

RT: Totalitarianism

Control No.: lctgm003862

MT: Fascists

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: Search under FASCISM for the subject of fascism in general and the activities of fascists.

BT: People associated with politics & government

RT: Fascism

Control No.: lctgm003863

MT: Fashion

USE: Clothing & dress

Control No.: lctgm003864
MT: Fashion design drawings

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003865
MT: Fashion designers

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Clothes designers

UF: Couturiers

UF: Dress designers

BT: Designers

RT: Clothing & dress

Control No.: lctgm003866

MT: Fashion designs

RT: Clothing & dress

Control No.: lctgm003867
MT: Fashion industry

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For high fashion design, including activities and marketing.

BT: Clothing industry

RT: Fashion models

RT: Fashion shows

Control No.: lctgm003868
MT: Fashion models

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Models, Fashion

BT: People

RT: Artists' models

RT: Clothing & dress

RT: Fashion industry

RT: Fashion shows

RT: Mannequins

RT: Posing

Control No.: lctgm003869
MT: Fashion photographs

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003870
MT: Fashion plates

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003871
MT: Fashion prints

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003872
MT: Fashion shows

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Style shows

BT: Exhibitions

RT: Clothing & dress

RT: Fashion industry

RT: Fashion models

Control No.: lctgm003873

MT: Fast food restaurants

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For establishments where already prepared or readily prepared food that can be packaged for

take-out is served; often run as part of chains or franchises.

UF: Hamburger stands

UF: Quick-serve restaurants

BT: Restaurants

NT: Drive-in restaurants

RT: Drive-thru windows

Control No.: lctgm003874

MT: Fast food stores

USE: Convenience stores

Control No.: lctgm003875
MT: Fasting

USE: Fasts

Control No.: lctgm003876
MT: Fasts

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Fasting

BT: Manners & customs

RT: Rites & ceremonies

RT: Starvation

Control No.: lctgm003877
MT: Fat

USE: Oils & fats

Control No.: lctgm003878
MT: Fatalism

Facet: --[nationality]

UF: Destiny

UF: Fate

BT: Mental states

Control No.: lctgm003879

MT: Fate

USE: Fatalism

Control No.: lctgm003880
MT: Fathers

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

HN: Before 1/2005, images may have been indexed under FATHERS & CHILDREN.

UF: Fathers & children

BT: Men

Control No.: lctgm003881

MT: Fathers & children

USE: Children

USE: Fathers

Control No.: lctgm003882

MT: Fatigue

UF: Exhaustion

UF: Tiredness

UF: Weariness

BT: Physical characteristics

RT: Boredom

RT: Health

Control No.: lctgm003883

MT: Fatness

USE: Obesity

Control No.: lctgm003884
MT: Faucets

BT: Plumbing fixtures

Control No.: lctgm003885
MT: Fault finding

USE: Blaming

Control No.: lctgm003886
MT: Fauna, Marine

USE: Aquatic animals

Control No.: lctgm003887
MT: Fax

USE: Facsimile transmissions

Control No.: lctgm003888
MT: Fear

UF: Fright

UF: Terror

BT: Mental states

RT: Anxiety

RT: Cowardice

RT: Danger

RT: Hiding

RT: Horror dramas

RT: Screaming

RT: Shaking

Control No.: lctgm003889

MT: Feasts

USE: Banquets

Control No.: lctgm003890
MT: Feather beds

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Beds

RT: Feathers

Control No.: lctgm003891
MT: Feathering & tarring

USE: Tarring & feathering

Control No.: lctgm003892
MT: Feathers

UF: Down

BT: Body parts

RT: Birds

RT: Feather beds

RT: Tarring & feathering

Control No.: lctgm003893
MT: Feces

UF: Crap

UF: Excrement

UF: Shit

BT: Objects

NT: Manure

Control No.: lctgm003894
MT: Federal agencies

USE: Administrative agencies

Control No.: lctgm003895
MT: Federal debt

USE: Public debt

Control No.: lctgm003896
MT: Federal employment

USE: Civil service

Control No.: lctgm003897
MT: Federal spending

USE: Economic policy

Control No.: lctgm003898
MT: Federal subsidies

USE: Assistance

Control No.: lctgm003899
MT: Federal-city relations

USE: Intergovernmental relations

Control No.: lctgm003900
MT: Federal-state relations

USE: Intergovernmental relations

Control No.: lctgm003901
MT: Federal-territorial relations

USE: Intergovernmental relations

Control No.: lctgm003902
MT: Feed stores

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures.

BT: Stores & shops

Control No.: lctgm003903
MT: Feeding

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Activities

NT: Animal feeding

NT: Bottle feeding

NT: Breast feeding

Control No.: lctgm003904
MT: Feeding of animals

USE: Animal feeding

Control No.: lctgm003905
MT: Feeding of pets

USE: Animal feeding

Control No.: lctgm003906
MT: Feelings

USE: Mental states

Control No.: lctgm003907
MT: Feet

BT: Body parts

RT: Footbinding

RT: Footprints

RT: Human body

RT: Kicking

RT: Shoes

RT: Winged feet

Control No.: lctgm003908
MT: Female figure drawings

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003909
MT: Female gays

USE: Lesbians

Control No.: lctgm003910
MT: Female impersonators

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Drag queens

BT: Entertainers

RT: Cross dressing

RT: Impersonation

Control No.: lctgm003911
MT: Feminism

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

PN: For the subject of feminism beyond a reaction against sexism or advocacy of women's rights.

For example, consciousness raising, women's solidarity, etc.

BT: Protest movements

RT: Feminists

RT: Sexism

RT: Women's rights

Control No.: lctgm003912
MT: Feminists

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Search under FEMINISM for the subject of feminism in general and the activities of


CN: Used in a note under FEMINISM.

BT: People

NT: Suffragists

RT: Feminism

Control No.: lctgm003913
MT: Fencers

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

CN: Geographical subdivision indicates place where fencer is based.

BT: Athletes

Control No.: lctgm003914
MT: Fences

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Site elements

NT: Electric fences

NT: Snow fences

RT: Barbed wire

RT: Corrals

RT: Gates

RT: Hedges (Plants)

RT: Railings

RT: Walls

Control No.: lctgm003915

MT: Fencing

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Sports

NT: Kendo

RT: Dueling

RT: Martial arts

Control No.: lctgm003916
MT: Fens

USE: Wetlands

Control No.: lctgm003917
MT: Ferns

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Plants

Control No.: lctgm003918

MT: Ferries

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

BT: Boats

NT: Railroad ferries

RT: Marine terminals

Control No.: lctgm003919

MT: Ferris wheels

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Amusement rides

Control No.: lctgm003920

MT: Ferrotypes

USE: Tintypes

Control No.: lctgm003921
MT: Ferry terminals

USE: Marine terminals

Control No.: lctgm003922
MT: Fertilizer industry

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes activities and structures.

CN: Double index under INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES (or NTs) for images that focus on


BT: Chemical industry

RT: Fertilizers

Control No.: lctgm003923

MT: Fertilizers

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Objects

NT: Compost

NT: Manure

RT: Fertilizer industry

Control No.: lctgm003924
MT: Fertilizing

USE: Farming

USE: Gardening

Control No.: lctgm003925

MT: Festivals

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Events

NT: Art festivals

NT: Harvest festivals

NT: Motion picture festivals

NT: Music festivals

NT: Winter carnivals

RT: Anniversaries

RT: Celebrations

RT: Durbars

RT: Fairs

RT: Holidays

RT: Pageants

Control No.: lctgm003926
MT: Festive decorations

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Decorations, Festive

BT: Decorations

NT: Balloons (Novelties)

NT: Christmas decorations

NT: Christmas stockings

NT: Christmas trees

NT: Cr ches (Nativity scenes)

NT: Pinatas

RT: Bouquets

RT: Draperies

RT: Holly

RT: Mistletoe

Control No.: lctgm003927
MT: Festoons

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: A festive decoration of pendant semiloops with attachments and loose ends, especially a

swag of fabric, or representations of such decorations.

UF: Garlands

BT: Architectural decorations & ornaments

Control No.: lctgm003928
MT: Fetch (Game)

BT: Games

RT: Dogs

Control No.: lctgm003929

MT: Fetishes

USE: Amulets

USE: Talismans

Control No.: lctgm003930

MT: Fetters

USE: Shackles

Control No.: lctgm003931
MT: Fiat money

USE: Currency question

Control No.: lctgm003932
MT: Fiberglass industry

USE: Glass fiber industry

Control No.: lctgm003933
MT: Fibers

BT: Objects

NT: Cotton

NT: Flax

NT: Jute

NT: Nylon

NT: Rayon

NT: Silk

NT: Wool

RT: Plants

RT: Rope industry

RT: Sewing

RT: Textile industry

RT: Textiles

RT: Thread

RT: Yarn

Control No.: lctgm003934
MT: Fibrous glass industry

USE: Glass fiber industry

Control No.: lctgm003935
MT: Fiche

USE: Microfiche

Control No.: lctgm003936
MT: Fiches

USE: Microfiche

Control No.: lctgm003937
MT: Fictitious characters

UF: Cartoon characters

UF: Characters, Fictitious

UF: Comic characters

UF: Imaginary beings

UF: Legendary characters

BT: Concepts

NT: Superheroes

RT: Dwarfs

RT: Giants

RT: Literature

RT: Supernatural beings

RT: Symbols

RT: Villains

Control No.: lctgm003938

MT: Fiddles

USE: Violins

Control No.: lctgm003939

MT: Fidelity

USE: Allegiance

Control No.: lctgm003940
MT: Field crops

USE: Plants

Control No.: lctgm003941
MT: Field hockey

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: Includes organizations and activities.

UF: Hockey

BT: Sports

RT: Hockey masks

Control No.: lctgm003942
MT: Field hospitals

USE: Medical aspects of war

Control No.: lctgm003943
MT: Field laborers

USE: Agricultural laborers

Control No.: lctgm003944
MT: Field trials

USE: Animal training

USE: Hunting

Control No.: lctgm003945

MT: Field trips

USE: School field trips

Control No.: lctgm003946
MT: Field work

USE: Farming

Control No.: lctgm003947
MT: Fields

USE: Meadows

Control No.: lctgm003948
MT: Fields (Agriculture)

USE: Croplands

Control No.: lctgm003949
MT: Fields, Oil

USE: Oil wells

USE: Petroleum industry

Control No.: lctgm003950

MT: Fig leaf

BT: Symbols

RT: Nudes

Control No.: lctgm003951

MT: Fig trees

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Fruit trees

BT: Trees

Control No.: lctgm003952
MT: Fighter pilots

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

UF: Aces (Fighter pilots)

UF: Air aces

UF: Aviators

BT: Military air pilots

RT: Air warfare

Control No.: lctgm003953

MT: Fighter planes

Facet: --[nationality]--[country or state]--[city]

BT: Airplanes

RT: Air warfare

Control No.: lctgm003954
MT: Fighting

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

PN: For fistfights and other spontaneous fighting. Search under QUARRELING for verbal


CN: Used in a note under QUARRELING.

UF: Fisticuffs

BT: Activities

NT: Gunfights

NT: Pillow fighting

RT: Boxing

RT: Confrontations

RT: Gladiators

RT: Kicking

RT: Oriental hand-to-hand fighting

RT: Wrestling

Control No.: lctgm003955

MT: Figure drawings

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Studies, Figure

Control No.: lctgm003956

MT: Figure skaters

USE: Skaters

Control No.: lctgm003957
MT: Figure skating

USE: Ice skating

Control No.: lctgm003958
MT: Figureheads

USE: Ship figureheads

Control No.: lctgm003959
MT: Figures, Cut-out

USE: Cutouts

Control No.: lctgm003960
MT: Figurines

PN: Small sculptures of humans or animals.

UF: Statuettes

BT: Sculpture

Control No.: lctgm003961
MT: Filibustering

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

UF: Speaking

UF: Talking

BT: Communication

BT: Political strategies

RT: Public speaking

Control No.: lctgm003962

MT: Fillies

USE: Horses

Control No.: lctgm003963
MT: Filling stations

USE: Automobile service stations

Control No.: lctgm003964
MT: Film audiences

USE: Motion picture audiences

Control No.: lctgm003965
MT: Film festivals

USE: Motion picture festivals

Control No.: lctgm003966
MT: Film industry (Motion pictures)

USE: Motion picture industry

Control No.: lctgm003967
MT: Film negatives

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003968
MT: Film posters

USE: Motion picture posters

Control No.: lctgm003969
MT: Film stills

CN: TGM II term.

UF: Motion picture stills

UF: Movie stills

UF: Production stills

UF: Stills

Control No.: lctgm003970
MT: Film strip projectors

USE: Projectors

Control No.: lctgm003971
MT: Film transparencies

CN: TGM II term.

Control No.: lctgm003972
MT: Filmgoers

USE: Motion picture audiences

Control No.: lctgm003973
MT: Films

USE: Motion pictures

Control No.: lctgm003974
MT: Finance

USE: Business & finance

Control No.: lctgm003975
MT: Financial buildings

USE: Financial facilities

Control No.: lctgm003976
MT: Financial disclosure

PN: For the disclosure of personal finances of public officials and of candidates and appointees

for public office.

UF: Disclosure of personal finances

UF: Sunshine legislation

BT: Ethics

RT: Business & finance

RT: Politics & government

Control No.: lctgm003977
MT: Financial facilities

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

HN: Changed 1/1993 from FINANCIAL BUILDINGS.

UF: Financial buildings

BT: Commercial facilities

NT: Banks

NT: Commodity exchanges

NT: Merchants' exchanges

NT: Stock exchanges

Control No.: lctgm003978

MT: Financial panics

USE: Business panics

Control No.: lctgm003979
MT: Financiers

USE: Capitalists & financiers

Control No.: lctgm003980
MT: Finger rings

USE: Rings

Control No.: lctgm003981
MT: Fingerprinting

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Activities

RT: Fingerprints

RT: Fingers

RT: Investigation

Control No.: lctgm003982
MT: Fingerprints

BT: Objects

RT: Fingerprinting

RT: Fingers

RT: Investigation

Control No.: lctgm003983

MT: Fingers

BT: Body parts

NT: Crossed fingers

NT: Pointing fingers

RT: Fingerprinting

RT: Fingerprints

RT: Hands

Control No.: lctgm003984

MT: Finials

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Architectural elements

RT: Roofs

Control No.: lctgm003985
MT: Finnish baseball

Facet: --[country or state]--[city]

BT: Baseball

BT: Pesis

Control No.: lctgm003986
MT: Fiords

USE: Fjords

Control No.: lctgm003987
MT: Fire

PN: For the subject of fire in general and non-destructive fires. Search under FIRES for

destructive fires.

CN: Used in a note under FIRES.

UF: Burning

BT: Natural phenomena

NT: Burning coal veins

NT: Campfires

RT: Fire eaters

RT: Fire eating

RT: Fireplaces

RT: Fires

RT: Fuelwood

RT: Heat

RT: Incinerators

RT: Matches

RT: Olympic flame

RT: Smoke

Control No.: lctgm003988

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