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Section 10. Competence of the Cabinet

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Section 10. Competence of the Cabinet
(1) The Cabinet shall:

1) provide the necessary funds to State institutions for implementation of tasks determined for them in the field of national security;

2) appoint to and release from office the officials, determined by law, of defence institutions, the system of the Ministry of the Interior and State security institutions;

3) approve the aggregate of critical infrastructure;

4) announce a state of emergency, exceptional state and mobilisation in cases laid down in law;

5) decide on the participation of units of the National Armed Forces in international rescue and humanitarian operations, as well as in military training (manoeuvres) outside the territory of Latvia;

6) decide on the necessity for the support of the armed forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and of Member States of the European Union during a state of emergency or exceptional state, as well as the strengthening of State defence capacity in peace time;

7) [17 April 2008];

8) take a decision on the position of the Republic of Latvia, if another Member State of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is requesting to examine an issue regarding collective defence support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (within the scope of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty of 4 April 1949).

(2) The Cabinet has the right:

1) to request and receive information at the disposal of State security institutions, in conformity with the regulations regarding utilisation of information laid down in law;

2) to assign the performance of certain tasks to State security institutions within the scope of the authority of such.

[2 December 2004; 21 April 2005; 15 June 2006; 17 April 2008; 29 April 2010; 5 June 2014]

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