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Section 20. Competence of the National Security Council

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Section 20. Competence of the National Security Council
(1) The National Security Council shall:

1) co-ordinate a joint State policy in the area of national security, implemented by the higher State institutions and officials, and examine the course of improvement and problems of such;

2) examine plans and concepts related to national security, as laid down in law.

(2) The National Security Council shall submit proposals to the Saeima regarding appointment to and release from office of the Director of the Constitution Protection Bureau.

(3) A decision of the National Security Council, except in the cases referred to in Paragraph two of this Section, shall have a recommending character and shall not release the responsible officials from responsibility for the decisions they have taken.

(4) The National Security Council has the right to request State security institutions all the existing information at their disposal, which concerns national security interests.

[7 April 2004; 1 December 2005; 18 June 2009]

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