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Section 15.1 Information Analysis Service

[18 June 2009]

Section 15.2 Officials of the Information Analysis Service

[18 June 2009]

Section 16. Competence of Other Ministries and State Institutions
Other ministries and State institutions shall perform, in the area of national security, the tasks laid down in law and Cabinet Regulations in order to guarantee implementation of conceptions and plans related to national security and State defence, and of effective safety measures and measures to manage situations which are dangerous to the State.
Section 17. Competence of Local Governments
Local governments shall:

1) ensure public order in the administrative territory of the relevant local government;

2) perform State administration functions, the performance of which is delegated to the relevant local government in accordance with procedures laid down in law;

3) implement the measures specified in the Cabinet decision on state of emergency and the decision on exceptional state;

4) provide assistance to State security institutions and the National Armed Forces in the implementation of national security measures.

[7 March 2013]

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