Texas Republic Review

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Texas Republic Review
Sam Houston –

  • President 1836-1838 and 1841-1844

  • Wanted to make peace with the Indians

  • Created tariffs and taxes to help reduce the debt

  • Reduced the size of the Navy/military during his second presidency

  • Was for annexation to the United States

  • Called on Texas Rangers to protect Cherokee Indians and Chief Bowles from Mexican attacks

Mirabeau B. Lamar –

  • President 1838-1841

  • Wanted to remove the Indians from Texas

  • Created red backs to try and reduce the debt

  • Reinstated the Navy/military and ordered them into Mexican waters to pressure Mexico into recognizing Texas independence

  • Opposed annexation to the United States

  • Caused the debt to rise to $7 million and paid little interest on loans

  • “Father of Education”

Anson Jones –

  • President from 1844-1846

  • Last president of Texas before annexation in 1845

  • Said “The republic of Texas is no more”

William Goyens –

  • Served as an interpreter for many of the Native American tribes in the area

  • Helped to negotiate a peace treaty between the Republic and the Cherokee Indians

Jose Antonio Navarro –

  • An advocate for Tejano rights while in Congress

  • Tejano Congressman from Bexar

Edwin W. Moore –

  • Commander of the reformed Navy under President Lamar

Mary Maverick –

  • Kept a diary that was eventually published

  • Her diary entries showed people what life was like for some during the Republic of Texas and an account of the council house fight

Chief Bowles –

  • The leader of the Cherokees in Texas

  • Tried to save the Cherokee land in Texas by giving them the rights to their land

First 5 Eras of Texas History –

  • Age of Contact, Spanish Colonial, Mexican National, Revolution and Republic

Primary Source –

Secondary Source –

  • Summaries of primary sources, Analyses or interpretations of primary sources.

County you live in –

  • Harris County

Manifest Destiny –

  • Ideal for the United States to expand coast to coast (Pacific to Atlantic)

Consecutive terms –

  • Sam Houston could not serve as President of the Republic of Texas back to back because Texas had a law where presidents could not serve consecutive terms

Immigrant Groups in Texas –

  • Germans mainly settled in Central Texas (San Antonio/New Braunfels)

  • Many came for better economic, political, and social opportunities

Santa Fe Expedition (1841) –

  • Lamar sent out an expedition commercial secure the Republic of Texas's claims to parts of Northern New Mexico for Texas in 1841

  • Texas soldiers were captured and imprisoned by the Texas army

  • Complete failure, many lost their lives and failed to secure Santa Fe

Mier Expedition –

  • Result of ongoing dispute over the Texas-Mexico border

  • Resulted in the black bean incident where Texas soldiers had to draw a black or white bean to determine whether they would die or go to prison

Council House Fight –

  • Meeting held in San Antonio to try and make peace between the Natives and Texans

  • Comanche Indians promised to bring Anglo captives but only brought 1

Cordova Rebellion –

  • Organized resistance of Native Americans and Mexicans against Texas

  • Mexicans promised the Cherokees title for their land in exchange for assistance in getting rid of the Republic of Texas

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