Texas and the Great Depression and World War II review

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Texas and the Great Depression and World War II Review

  1. The state of Texas moved towards an economy that was set in industrialization as a result of what event?

World War II

  1. What sacrifices were made by Texas citizens during the military conflict known as World War II?

Food, shoes, and gasoline

  1. The “West Point of the Air” was given to Randolph Air Field in San Antonio Texas why was it given this title?

World War II military training

  1. The international conflict known as World War II contributed to the industries of Texas in what way?

New military facilities, naval and aircraft production, weapons plants, and oil plants

  1. How did Texas benefit from World War II economically?

Natural resources were need to supply the war

  1. How did thousands find jobs during the Great Depression?

New Deal Program

  1. What occurred when farmers over produced cotton during the 1930’s?

Economy became weaker and prices fell

  1. How did Texans slow/stop the event of wind erosion during the Great Depression?

Planted trees and vegetation

  1. How were states outside the Dust Bowl effected?

Received Dust storms

  1. Who benefited from aircraft corporations opening in Texas during World War II? Women

  1. Why was Texas a major site for military training during World War II?

Wide open space, good weather, centrally located

  1. Why did some Texan farmers move west to California during the Great Depression?

Dust Bowl

  1. If you are an oil exporting country during a time of war, what will most likely increase for you?


  1. What was the worst part of the Great Depression for the agriculture community?

Severe drought

  1. Why did prices decline and the economy for Texas slow during the Great Depression?

Overproduction of oil, gas, and agriculture

  1. What allowed for the rapid growth of suburbs outside of cities during the Great Depression?

People leaving farms and ranches looking for work

  1. Which event of the list was FIRST to occur: New Deal, Dust Bowl, World War II, or the Great Depression?

Great Depression

  1. Why did thousands move to East Texas during the Great Depression?


  1. Why is Audie Murphy so important to Texas during the 1940’s?

Most decorated solider of World War II

  1. What was seen as the largest contributor to the problems of Texas society during the Great Depression?

Lack of money to buy the barest of necessities

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