Test – Tudor England & the Netherlands & France & Spain Put the Tudor monarchs into the right order in which they ruled

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TEST – Tudor England & the Netherlands & France & Spain
1. Put the Tudor monarchs into the right order in which they ruled:
__ Mary, __Henry VII, __Edward VI, __Elizabeth, __Henry VIII
2. The first wife of Henry VIII Tudor was:
a) Francisca of Bourbon b) Henrietta of France c) Catherine of Aragon d) Mary of Hapsburg
3. The protestants in France are sometimes called:
a) hugovci b) huguenoti c) deguenoti d) haganovci
4. Phillip II of Spain was __________ of Charles V (Holy Roman Emperor)
a) a nephew b) a grandson c) an illegitimate son d) a legitimate son
5. Which of the seventeen provinces in the mouth of Rhine became independent of Spain after decades of fighting during 16th and 17th centuries?
a) Northern provinces - cca today’s Netherlands b) Southern provinces – today’s Belgium
6. Mary Stuart was:
a) Queen of England b) a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth I c) executed for treason
7. Why was Mary I. Tudor called „Bloody“? and who did she marry?
______________________________________ and _________________________________________
8. Why did Phillip II attack England?
a) ________________________ b) _________________________ c) __________________________
9. Which is not true about the French king Henry IV?
a) was married only once b) was raised Catholic c) was assassinated d) issued Edict of Fontainebleau
10. Queen Elizabeth I of England had:
a) 2 sons and 1 daughter b) no sons 3 daughters c) no sons and no daughters d) only one daughter


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