Terms & Names Ally: a country that agrees to help another country achieve a common goal. Marquis de Laffayette

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Chapter 7.2 Section Assessment
Terms & Names

Ally: A country that agrees to help another country achieve a common goal.

Marquis de Laffayette: A 19-year-old French nobleman who enlisted to serve in Washington’s army.

Bayonet: A long steel knife attached to the end of a gun.

Desert: To leave military duty without intending to return.

Privateer: A privately owned ship that has government permission during wartime to attack an enemy’s merchant ships.

James Forten: An African-American Privateer who spent the war on a British prison ship because he refused to betray his country.

John Paul Jones: A Naval Sea Hero whose remark “I have not yet begun to fight!” set his place in history.
Taking Notes

Main Ideas

What role did Benjamin Franklin play in helping America win the Revolution?

Benjamin Franklin played an instrumental role in helping America to win the Revolution by being able to persuade the French to come to America’s aid.
How did European officers such as Lafayette aid America in the Revolutionary War?

European officers such as Lafayette were very important in helping to train troops, training special teams, leading troops into battle, securing foreign aid, and sacrificing their lives for the American cause.
What was John Paul Jones’s major contribution during the war, and why was it important?

John Paul Jones’s victory over the British ship “Serapis” was a major victory at a crucial time. It significantly raised sailors morale and inspired the American forces to continue the fight.
Critical Thinking

Why do you think George Rogers Clark thought the frontier was important to defend?

The American Frontier was important to protect because these were the lands that Americans would want to be moving to after the war was over. It was also important to defend those already living there so they would feel an allegiance to America.

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