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Athletes Foot (Tinea Pedis)

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Athletes Foot (Tinea Pedis) – tinea pedis is a chronic fungal infection of the feet, often referred to as athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is very common and usually begins in early adulthood. Men are more often affected than women. Once affected, recurrences are common.


- Hot humid weather, excessive sweating, and occlusive footwear

- Contact with contaminated footwear and floors

- Poor foot hygiene

Signs and Symptoms

- Reddened, cracked, and peeling skin

- Itching, burning and stinging sensation usually between the toes

- Sore, purulent, weeping rash


- Apply anti-fungal foot powder daily during work hours – i.e. Miconazole

- Apply anti-fungal ointment daily during rest hours – i.e. Clotrimazole

- Treatment should be continued for 1 week after clearing has occurred

- If the patient fails to respond to treatment, refer patient to Medical Officer

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