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During Rest Periods

- Lie with feet elevated at rest points

- If time permits, massage the feet, apply powder, change to dry socks and treat blisters.

- Relief from swelling feet can be obtained by slight loosening of the bootlaces where they cross the arch.

After Marches

- EARLY ATTENTION IS ESSENTIAL! As soon as any discomfort is felt, take corrective action.

- Wash and dry feet

- Treat blisters, abrasions, corns, and calluses if they have occurred

- If red, swollen, or tender skin develops along the edges of the foot, the foot requires aeration, elevation, rest, and as a rule, wider footwear


Foot Marches, FM 21-18

Wilderness Medicine, Pg 143

Special Ops Handbook, June 2001, Pgs. 5-6 through 5-7

REV: May 2009

Care of the Feet Review

1. Describe the appropriate treatment for large blisters.

2. Describe the difference between a corn and a callus.

  1. List the signs and symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

4. “March Foot” generally involves which two bones?


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