Tension in the Colonies and French and Indian War! Colonial Government

Revolution, so don’t confuse them)

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Revolution, so don’t confuse them)

What did the treaty/agreement say:

    • __________________ agreed to give up all its land in America

    • __________________ took Canada and Louisiana (future purchase made by U.S.)

    • __________________ took all of the lands west of the Mississippi (Louisiana)

    • As a result of the war, Great Britain became the most ___________ nation in the world.

They had a great navy (warships), and a massive army (controlled colonies from the Americas to the Middle East and Asia (all supplied England with raw materials and strengthened England’s Mercantile System – mercantilism).

Proclamation Act of 1763

(an act is a “law”)

  • In order for the British to “protect” its citizens, the new King, ______________ announced a new law called the _____________________. (test question)

( First, the Navigation Acts and now the Proclamation Act put a wedge between King George and his colonial subjects )

  • This act (or law) set aside all the new land for an ______________________ and said the colonists could not legally pass the _______________________.

  • The colonists felt betrayed because the King had promised them the land in the ______________________________ if they fought for him and now he was breaking his promise. (test question)

  • To enforce the Proclamation of 1763 and to keep ______________ between the colonists and Indians, the British government placed a permanent ______________ of British soldiers in America. (colonists not happy!)

  • The biggest problem is that the French and Indian war had cost the British government a large amount of _________________ (about $_________________.)

  • The British had to do something to pay for the war… (begin to tax the colonists – colonists not happy!!)

Effects of the war (test question)

  • Natives ______________________ against the British

  • Britain ________________ settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains

  • Britain _______________ taxes to pay for the war

  • Colonists become ____________________.

Some American colonists were becoming angry over decisions made by the English government in London, and not including them in the decision making. They felt that they were loyal subjects of the King and should be treated better. MORE PROBLEMS TO COME!!!

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