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Runner position checklist

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Runner position checklist

You report to: Usher Unit Leader

Mission: As needed, be available to assist in the acquisition and/or transport of needed supplies and equipment.

Position-Specific Resources

  • 800 MHz radio or Walkie-talkie: To communicate with staff in your area

Common Resources

  • Site Organizational Chart/Situation Board

  • Current organizational chart

  • Site floor plan/map

  • Other visuals as determined by incident or event

  • Information on conference call phone numbers

  • Briefing schedule

  • Other information as necessary

  • ICS Forms

  • ICS 214: Activity Log

Specific Responsibilities

  • Acquire and move supplies and/or equipment for FAC staff, as requested

  • Transport supplies and/or equipment to other sites, as needed and requested by Usher Unit Leader or Site Manager

Immediate Tasks

  • Check in and receive site orientation at the check-in/check-out station

  • Read this entire job aid and review the organizational chart

  • Receive orientation from the Usher Unit Leader

Intermediate and On-Going Tasks

  • Troubleshoot problems as they arise and take to your supervisor when appropriate

  • Request break coverage from your supervisor

Shift Change and Demobilization Tasks

  • Prepare to stand down the area when requested by supervisor, as determined in Demobilization Plan

  • Brief staff person assigned to next shift

  • Note items that need resupply and communicate to supervisor

  • Participate in scheduled debriefing sessions

  • Gather information for final situation report

Safety Officer Position Checklist

The following checklist should be considered as the minimum requirements for this position. Note that some of the tasks are one-time actions; others are ongoing or repetitive for the duration of the incident.

  • Obtain briefing by Safety Officer, if necessary.

  • Obtain briefing from Site Manager

  • Review incident objectives and recommended strategies.

  • Review/determine status of current tactical assignments.

  • Review current organization, location of resources, and assignments.

  • Review applicable reference materials for your section, including plans, annexes, Field Operation Guides and Standard Operating Procedures

  • Oversee site set up to ensure safety protocols.

  • Prepare Site Safety and Risk Analysis (ICS Form 215A). Provide a copy to the DOC Safety Officer and the Site Planning Lead for documentation.

  • Establish employee safety and personal protective procedures

    • Distribute written guidelines for staff and worksites, and forms for reporting worksite incidents and/or injuries and illnesses.

    • Ensure the procurement and distribution of needed personal protective equipment.

    • Oversee fit testing, as needed.

  • Oversee site safety

  • Identify hazardous situations associated with the incident.

  • Ensure adequate levels of protective equipment are available, and being used.

  • Identify corrective actions and ensure implementation. Coordinate corrective action with Site Leadership

  • Establish process where Section Leads, safety and security staff stay alert to identify and report all hazards and unsafe conditions immediately.

  • Initiate preliminary investigation and mitigation of security incidents, accidents or contaminations that have occurred within site operational areas.

  • Ensure that unsafe or contaminated areas are posted.

  • Ensure adequate sanitation and safety in food preparation (if applicable)

  • Participate in Site Management briefings

  • Assess and propose modifications to existing security plans. Serve as security liaison to entities providing security to the site. Obtain assistance from qualified individuals to evaluate special hazards or to mitigate anticipated safety or security issues.

  • Document accidents that have occurred at the site

  • Ensure accident scene is preserved for investigation

  • Ensure accident is properly documented

  • Coordinate with DOC Safety Officer

  • Prepare accident report as per agency policy, procedures, and direction

  • Recommend corrective actions to Site Manager and DOC Safety Officer

  • Work with the Medical Unit Leader as needed

  • Document key actions, decisions, and communications on ICS Form 214. Complete an end of shift report for incoming Site Safety Officer, including key activities and pending issues. Ensure documents are also forwarded to the Planning Section for incident filing.

  • Brief oncoming Site Safety Officer at change of shift.

security officer position checklist

You report to: Site Access Control and Security Unit Leader

Mission: Organize and enforce the safety and security of all staff, facilities, supplies, and clients.

Immediate Tasks

  • Upon arrival at the site, check in at the check-in station. Receive assignment, reporting location/station, reporting time, and any special instructions. Obtain Activity Log Form 214 and begin to document activity.

  • Report to your assigned work station. Obtain briefing and job/task assignment from Site Access Control & Security Unit Leader. Review Incident Action Plan for the Operational Period and participate in JIT training.

  • Obtain computers or other electronic equipment; work station telephone numbers; and briefing on web access, communications systems, passwords, and other technology-related procedures.

  • Request additional resources as needed through your supervisor.

  • Collaborate with other Security Officers and the Site Access Control & Security Unit Leader to develop Security Plan for both the interior and exterior of the site.

  • Appoint Interior Security Personnel to include:

    • Fixed Security Posts

    • Roving Patrols

    • Dismissing Unauthorized Persons as Necessary

  • Appoint Exterior Security Personnel to include:

    • Perimeter Security

    • Traffic Control

    • Initial Screening Security

    • Roving Patrols

Intermediate and On-Going Tasks

  • Security Outside of the site:

    • Alert local law enforcement to site activation and missing persons operations (if County/other law enforcement resources are utilized).

    • Prescreen individuals as they approach the perimeter entrance of the site.

    • Media personnel will be directed to the appropriate location identified for media.

    • Establish and enforce FAC perimeter security.

    • Ensure that only official vehicles assigned to personnel at the FAC, as well as vehicles operated by clients are granted access to the restricted area.

    • Expedite vehicular traffic outside restricted areas.

    • Request after hours patrol of site.

    • Immediately address any potential threats to site operations and the safety of those located therein.

  • Security Inside of the site:

    • Prevent unauthorized access to all building entrances and exits.

    • All authorized persons seeking admittance into the site are subject to a cursory weapons search by law enforcement personnel.

    • A portable metal or weapons detector may be used in addition to or in lieu of the law enforcement personnel cursory weapons search.

    • Oversee, coordinate and enforce badging for clients and staff.

    • All sworn law enforcement officers are exempt from the no weapons policy of the site.

    • Provide security presence to all client briefings.

    • If media is present, ensure that press members are kept in appointed areas and are allowed to interview authorities or clients (if willing) only when appropriate.

    • Escort non-badged personnel who are authorized to temporarily be on-site (i.e. vendor, maintenance or delivery personnel).

    • Immediately address any potential threats to site operations and the safety of those located therein.

    • Develop and maintain a strategy to replenish and provide breaks for subordinate personnel.

Shift Change and Demobilization Tasks

  • Return equipment and unused supplies.

  • Arrange for return of any agency-owned equipment (computers, etc.).

  • Participate in the staff demobilization briefing.

  • Collect activity logs of your subordinates and complete your own. Turn in all activity logs (ICS Form 214) to your supervisor.

  • Sign out at the personnel check-out station.

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