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Data management unit leader position checklist

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Data management unit leader position checklist

You report to: Accountability Group Supervisor

You Supervise: Data Collection Specialists, Data Input Specialists

Mission: Coordinate collection of data and tracking of missing persons at the Assistance Center.

Position-Specific Resources

  • Registration and Intake Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): SOP(s) for registration and intake/process description

  • Data Management and Missing Person Tracking Procedures: SOP for Data Management and Missing Person Tracking

  • Intake forms

  • Survivor Form

  • Missing Person Form

  • Tracking Forms

  • Tracking spreadsheet (Data Collection/Input Unit)

  • Tracking Form (Missing Person Tracking Unit)

  • Laptop computer

Common Resources

  • Site Organizational Chart/Situation Board

  • Current organizational chart

  • Site floor plan/map

  • Other visuals as determined by incident or event

  • Information on conference call phone numbers

  • Briefing schedule

  • Other information as necessary

  • ICS Forms

  • ICS 214: Activity Log

Specific Responsibilities

  • Ensure all data is being collected and documented appropriately

  • Ensure proper flow of data, according to SOPs.

  • Coordinate collection of data from Intake staff

  • Provide intake forms to the Data collection/input staff

  • Supervise Data Collection/Input staff and Missing Person Tracking staff

Immediate Tasks

  • Check in and receive site orientation at the check-in/check-out station

  • Read this entire job aid and review the organizational chart

  • Receive orientation from the Reception Group Supervisor

  • Familiarize self with procedures, forms and reporting requirements

  • Assist with set-up of area as needed

  • Provide orientation to staff you supervise

Intermediate and On-Going Tasks

  • Monitor function of your area and provide updates to Reception Group Supervisor as requested

  • Troubleshoot problems as they arise and take to your supervisor when appropriate

  • Document data tallies as requested by your supervisor

  • Ensure that appropriate number of forms and tools are available

  • Request break coverage from your supervisor

  • Determine break coverage for your area

Shift Change and Demobilization Tasks

  • Prepare to stand down the area when requested by supervisor, as determined in Demobilization Plan

  • Brief staff person assigned to next shift

  • Note items that need resupply and communicate to supervisor

  • Participate in scheduled debriefing sessions

  • Gather information for final situation report

deputy branch director/site manager position checklist

You report to: Branch Director/Site Manager

You Supervise: Liaison Officer, Site Planning Lead, Site Logistics Lead

Mission: Assist Branch Director/Site Manager as requested. Manage Support Staff so as to maximize efficiency of Assistance Center operations. Assist Safety Officer with maintenance of safe worksite.

Immediate Tasks

  • Obtain briefing from Branch Director/Site Manager and assist with the following tasks:

    • Determine incident objectives and recommended strategies.

    • Identify current organization, location of resources, and assignments.

    • Determine scale and functions at the site.

    • Determine the scale of the site

  • Review applicable reference materials for your section, including plans, annexes, Field Operation Guides and Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Oversee and direct site set up. Organize site to ensure operational efficiency, personnel safety and adequate span of control.

  • Develop communications protocols

Intermediate and On-Going Tasks

  • Assist the Branch Director with managing the site

    • Determine briefing schedule/Conduct briefings

    • Identify, review and communicate goals and objectives for site operations with Site Management Leaders and Site Section Leads

    • Provide direction to site leadership as needed

    • Ensure accurate and timely information is being provided to the Public Information Officer

    • Coordinate with key stakeholders and Agency Representatives through the Liaison Officer

    • Ensure, with Site Safety Officer, the continued safety of the facility and staff

    • Ensure sections are activated and staffed appropriately as needed

  • Evaluate situation and provide status reports to Planning Section

    • Location, status, and assignment of resources

    • Effectiveness of tactics

    • Desired contingency plans

  • Ensure time-keeping, activity logs, and equipment use documents are maintained and passed to Planning, Logistics, and Finance/Administration Sections, as appropriate

  • Ensure resource ordering and logistical support needs are passed to Logistics in a timely fashion and enforce ordering process

  • Notify Site Logistics of communications problems

  • Keep Site Planning up-to-date on resource and situation status

  • Keep Safety Officer involved in tactical decision-making

Shift Change and Demobilization Tasks

  • Document key actions, decisions, and communications on ICS Form 214. Complete an end of shift report for incoming Site Manager, including key activities and pending issues. Ensure documents are also forwarded to the Planning Section for incident filing.

  • Brief oncoming Deputy Site Manager at change of shift

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