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Credit Reporting Agency Notification

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Credit Reporting Agency Notification

Credit Agencies: Check below each Credit Reporting Agency you wish to send this Notification. It is recommended that you send the Notification to each Credit Reporting Agency with copies of the death certificate and, if you are the personal representative of the estate, your appointment papers from the Probate Court. Prior to sending, make copies for your records.

 Experian  Equifax  TransUnion

P.O. Box 9701 P.O. Box 105069 P.O. Box 6790

Allen, Texas 75013 Atlanta, Georgia 30348 Fullerton, CA 92834

Identification Information: Fill in the information below for yourself as Requesting Party and for the Decedent

Requesting Party Decedent

Name Name

Address Date of Death

Date of Birth

Phone Number(s) Location of Birth

(w) Social Security Number


Prior Addresses of Decedent: List the address of all residences of the Decedent over the past five years, starting with the most recent

Relationship of Requesting Party to Decedent: Please identify your relationship to the Decedent

 Spouse  Personal Representative of Estate  Other:

Directions to Credit Agency: Please initial each request you wish to make to the Credit Agency receiving this Notification.

__________ Post on the Decedent’s credit report: “Deceased. Do Not Issue Credit”.

__________ Please forward to me at the address listed above the current copy of the Decedent’s credit report.

Signature of Requesting Party Date

Adapted from Death Notification Checklist, National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)

Position Checklists


149. Family Liaison

151. Friends & Family Unit Leader

152. Reunification Group Supervisor

153. Reunification Specialist

154. Survivors Unit Leader

Family Assistance Center

155. Ante Mortem Information Unit Leader

156. Notification Unit Leader

157. Notification Specialist

158. Medical Examiner Group Supervisor

159. Next of Kin Interview Team Lead

161. Next of Kin Interview Specialist

Assistance Center

162. Accountability Group Supervisor

163. Behavioral Health Specialist

164. Branch Director/Site Manager

166. Child Care & Supervision Unit Leader

167. Data Collection Specialist

169. Data Input Specialist

170. Data Management Unit Leader

172. Deputy Branch Director/Site Manager

174. Deputy Public Information Officer

175. Intake/Outtake Specialist

177. Interpretation & Translation Unit Leader

178. Liaison Officer

179. Medical/First Aid Worker

180. Medical Care & Behavioral Health Unit Leader

181. Missing Person Tracking Unit Leader

183. Reception Group Supervisor

185. Regional Hospital Resource Center Unit Leader

186. Registration Unit Leader

188. Runner

189. Safety Officer

190. Security Officer

192. Site Access Control and Security

194. Site Liaison

195. Site Logistics Lead

196. Site Planning Lead

197. Site Support Services Group Supervisor

198. Site Technology Lead

199. Usher

200. Usher Unit Leader

201. Workforce Lead

FAMILY LIAISON position checklist

You report to: Friends & Family Unit Leader

Mission: Provide families an individual to provide information, guide them through the process, and address their needs.

Position-Specific Resources

  • Family Liaison and Chaplain Procedures: SOP for Family Liaisons

  • Registration and Intake Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): SOP(s) for registration and intake/process description

  • Data Management and Missing Person Tracking Procedures: SOP for Data Management and Missing Person Tracking

  • Intake forms

  • Survivor Form

  • Missing Person Form

  • Family Liaison Assignment Sheet

  • Family Resource Packet

Common Resources

  • Site Organizational Chart/Situation Board

  • Current organizational chart

  • Site floor plan/map

  • Other visuals as determined by incident or event

  • Information on conference call phone numbers

  • Briefing schedule

  • Other information as necessary

  • ICS Forms

  • ICS 214: Activity Log

Immediate Tasks

  • Check in and receive site orientation at the check-in/check-out station

  • Read this entire job aid and review the organizational chart

  • Receive orientation from the Family Liaison Unit Leader

  • Familiarize self with procedures, forms and reporting requirements

  • Assist with set-up of area as needed

  • Provide orientation to staff you supervise

Intermediate and On-Going Tasks

  • Monitor function of your area and provide updates to Family Liaison Unit Leader as requested

  • Troubleshoot problems as they arise and take to your supervisor when appropriate

  • Document data tallies as requested by your supervisor

  • Ensure that appropriate number of forms and tools are available

  • Request break coverage from your supervisor

  • Determine break coverage for your area

Shift Change and Demobilization Tasks

  • Prepare to stand down the area when requested by supervisor, as determined in Demobilization Plan

  • Brief staff person assigned to next shift

  • Note items that need resupply and communicate to supervisor

  • Participate in scheduled debriefing sessions

  • Gather information for final situation report

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