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Survivor Form

Survivor Information

Last Name

First Name

Middle Name

Maiden Name (if applicable)

Nicknames or Aliases

Phone Number(s)

Street Address




Marital Status

Date of Birth



Primary Language

Physical description of self to assist in reunification with loved ones (Optional)

Approximate Weight

Approximate Height

Eye Color

Hair Color & Length

Identifying Characteristics – scars, tattoos, piercings, birth marks, ...

Clothing description – type, size, color, footwear, jewelry, ...

Who might be looking for you?

Last Name

First Name

Middle Name


Phone Number(s)

Last Name

First Name

Middle Name


Phone Number(s)

Last Name

First Name

Middle Name


Phone Number(s)

Survivor’s Needs – Do you have a need for any of the following? (please circle if yes)







Confidentiality: We respect your privacy. We will honor your wishes when sharing information about your needs. Please let us know of limitations. I understand that you may share this information for the purposes of reunification and reconciliation with my loved ones.

Signature _________________________________________________________ Date _____________________

Staff Use

Staff Name

Staff Phone Number



Method of Collection:

By Phone In Person, list location

PIO Cheat Sheet

This document is to be used to inform press briefings and media updates, but it is NOT a stand-alone document to be shared with the press. It should be completed using the judgment of the response staff, as not all items will be reported. All of the information below can be obtained from the Site Planning Section Lead at the Assistance Center or the Incident Planning Section Chief.

Number in last operational period

Number to date

Number of families at the Family Assistance Center

Number of families communicating with the FAC but not on site

Date/Time of last family briefing

Number of calls to the Missing Persons Call Center

Number of Missing Persons Reports received

Number of reunifications facilitated through the FAC

Services Provided at the Family Assistance Center:

Referral Services Provided Through the Family Assistance Center:

Number of confirmed fatalities

Number of confirmed injured _______________

Number of confirmed non-injured ______________

Number of decedents identified and their families notified

Language that SHOULD NOT be used in communications:

  • We know how you feel.

  • Time heals all wounds.

  • You should go on with your life.

  • You will get over it.

  • Others are worse off.

  • Focus on the good times.

  • You do not need to know that.

  • What you do not know can’t hurt you.

  • It was actually a blessing.

  • You must be strong.

  • It could have been worse.

  • God never gives us more than we can handle.

  • We cannot share that information. (Acceptable only if followed by why and when the information will be available.)

Talking points concerning victim identification procedures:

  • PIOs should not speculate on any ME procedures, including the need for an autopsy.

  • PIOs should not assign timeframes for victim identification.

  • Victims’ names are only released after positive identification and notification of the family.

  • Cultural considerations will be accommodated as often as practical.

Additional Comments

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