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Safety Walkthrough Checklist

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Safety Walkthrough Checklist

*to be completed by the Site Safety Officer

Inspected by:







Did each person receive a safety brief at shift change?

Is staff trained in use of portable fire extinguishers?

Is the fire evacuation plan part of the safety briefing?





Are resources available to deal with hot or cold conditions?(drinking water, heated tent, shade)

Does staff know the symptoms of heat/cold related emergency?

Is the level of light adequate for safe and comfortable performance of work?

Are fire evacuation procedures/diagrams posted?

Is the area around portable fire extinguishers free of obstructions and properly labeled?

Are fire alarm pull stations clearly marked and unobstructed?

Are exits properly marked and illuminated?

Are the directions to exits, when not immediately apparent, marked with visible signs?

Can emergency exit doors be opened from the direction of exit travel without the use of a key or any special knowledge or effort when the building is occupied?

Are hand rails provided on all fixed stairways?

Are standard guardrails provided wherever aisle or walkway surfaces are elevated more than 48 inches above any adjacent floor or the ground?

Are objects covering heating and cooling vents?


Security Checklist:

  • Secure parking lot

  • Evaluate escort needs




Is the work area clear of debris and tripping hazards?

Are materials/supplies properly stacked and spaced?

Are work areas clear of fluid spills or leakage?

Are aisles and passageways clear of obstructions?

Are walkways clear of holes, loose debris, protruding nails, and loose boards?

Is the staff area kept clean and sanitary?

Are the dumpsters being serviced properly?

Are the restrooms (portable or fixed) clean, sanitary and restocked?

Are hand hygiene aids available (water, soap and/or hand sanitizer)?


Safety Incident Management:



Have communication codes for emergencies been established?

Has a safety plan been filled out?

Is on-site first aid available?

Are AEDs available?

Are EMS services on site?

Are established emergency phone numbers posted where they can be readily found in case of an emergency?

Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available or a process identified for accessing sheets?

Are incident report forms available on site?

Is there a predetermined medical plan for where to take staff and clients for treatment if there is an incident?

Has a site lock down procedure been reviewed if needed?

Is a copy of the facility fire prevention and emergency action plan available on site?


Child Care Area



Is there a child care facility on site?

Is it located near a rest room?

Is the area child proofed, free of chemical hazards? (outlet covers, shelving and electronics secured to walls, choking hazards)

Is it separate from adults and the sleeping areas?

Is the area secure?

Are toys age-appropriate and sanitary?

Does someone know pediatric CPR?


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