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  1. Survey organizations, news organizations, editors and journalists must work in the spirit of Amendment 22, Clause 16 e. of the Elections Law. Clauses of the Law that pertain to publication of survey results should be included in the Media Survey Ethics Code (see A. 2 above) and in the guidelines of the Press Council (see A. 3 above).

  2. A Media Survey Ethics Code should be instituted. The Code should require that conductors of surveys should establish a professional organization charged with instituting the ethical and professional standards for election surveys.

  3. Consideration should be given to prohibiting publication of survey results in the week before an election, including surveys leaked by political parties or other political bodies.

  4. Media organizations and journalists should refrain from campaign-time “survey entertainment.” This would include questions about hypothetical possibilities such as, “Whom would you vote for if Mr. Y was at the head of party X?”

New formats for election propaganda

Radio and television campaign broadcasts play a significant role in disseminating information about political parties, their platforms and programs, and their candidates. However, the usual mode of election propaganda in Israel today took shape in an earlier period, in an entirely different communications environment. The time has come to adopt other, more up-to-date and higher quality, modes of disseminating campaign messages. Data indicate declining audiences for campaign broadcasts in the last four elections, reaching an all-time low in the most recent campaign. This decline, and the high cost of the broadcasts, which is defrayed at public expense, justify changing those clauses in the Elections (Mode of Propaganda) Law that deal with radio and television broadcasting.

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