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Ted Nugent Ammo: A Chat with an American Icon      By Steven J. Austin

The instantly recognizable name. The timeless music. The steadfast patriot. We all know Ted Nugent in a variety of ways, and no person in the country is a more fervent spokesperson for our 2nd Amendment rights. A true American icon, he is acclaimed for his bold and insightful commentary on everything from firearms, hunting, bio diversity, and the American Dream.  His TV show, Spirit of the Wild, on the Outdoor Channel, has won tons of awards, and he is prolific writer for publications and author of several NY Times best-selling books.  But for Ted Nugent, his public service and charity work, along with his own Ted Nugent Kamp of Kids and Freedom’s Angels, speak as much about him as anything else. A friend to every member of the U.S. Armed Forces, especially to those who have been injured while serving, he is a remarkable man admired and loved by his fans worldwide. He is serving his sixth term on the Board of Directors of the NRA, and has served continuously since his election in 1995. Ted Nugent’s own brand of ammunition is now available to firearms enthusiasts everywhere. www.tednugent.com   www.tednugentammo.com

So, how did the idea for your own brand of ammo turn into a reality?

“Growing up shooting and celebrating the ultimate ‘aim small miss small’ shootist lifestyle, I could have never imagined that I would be on the NRA Board of Directors, have a top rated hunting TV show, and now my own signature line of ammunition. When approached by the world's top ballisticians with the idea, what other answer could there possibly be but a very loud…’YES!’”

What makes your ammo the best, and how will shooters everywhere benefit?

“I shoot, train, and hunt throughout the year and have done so forever. These are the good old days for shooting enthusiasts, with the most efficient, hard hitting, accurate ammo ever right off the shelves. The competition is manically stiff, but that has forced us to make certain our propellants, brass, primers, and bullets are state of the art and in combination to perform phenomenally.”

Have you tested every caliber?

“I have not shot every caliber yet, but was thrilled with the performance of the 10mm, 44magnum, .223, .243, .270, and .308.”

Did you design the awesome packaging?

“That was a team vision.”

 Do you remember when you shot a gun for the first time, and do you have a current favorite firearm?

“I hunted groundhogs with my dad and brothers in Fryburg, Pennsylvania when I was just four or five years old, with a lovely Remington single shot bolt action .22 rifle. I still have that old rifle and still hunt small game with it. I have so many great firearms that I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. They are all cool as all hell.”

How did you learn about safety and proper techniques?

“I was raised in a gun and hunting home by a WWII US Army drill Sergeant father. Safety has always been drilled into us, and I demand the same attentiveness from my children, grandchildren, and everyone we shoot with. We have zero tolerance for any improper gun handling.”

Tell us about some of the collector weapons you have.

“I have this old 1950s Colt/Sauer drilling with a 30-06 barrel above double 12 gauge barrels. Smith & Wesson did a phenomenal scrolling and etching on my 1977 Model 29 .44 magnum that is a thing of beauty. I have an original Winchester model 63 .22 rifle and a killer pre-64 model 70 Winchester in .308. My great-great Uncle Morris's 1800 .32 caliber PA squirrel musket is a thing of beauty with a powerful history, and a whole slew of great old rifles, shotguns, and handguns.”

Who are your favorite people to hunt with?

“The most magical time in life is hunting with my family…my wife Shemane, sons, daughters, grandchildren, brothers, and my sister. Equal, if not more powerful than that, are the times I share campfires with wounded hero warriors of the US Military and terminally ill children. No words can describe the spiritual high experienced at such times.”

Do you spend a lot of time on the target range? How do you have that set up on your property?

“I made a vow upon graduating from high school that I would live on enough land to shoot anytime I wanted to. I have elaborate steel plate ranges and 800 yard sniper ranges on my properties. I shoot pretty much every day.”

 A most memorable hunting adventure?

“There are simply too many amazing adventures to pick but one. I hunt anywhere from 250 to 300 or more days each year, and there have been many thrilling hunts with my amazing wife Shemane, my sons, military heroes, and very special boys and girls. When you are invited into a family's life at a time when they are preparing to say goodbye to a young son or daughter, you experience some of humankind’s most powerful emotions, creating indescribable memories that test you and ultimately make you stronger. These are always very, very special hunts”.

How about a cooking tip?

“Wild game is the most nutritious and delicious protein on earth. Period. No matter the critter from squirrel, fowl, moose, caribou, antelope, or venison of any kind, killing quick and clean and keeping the carcass clean and cold are the keys to ultimate table fare. Pick a shank or slab or haunch or strap from any game, clean off all membrane and fat, marinate overnight in half olive oil and half Vernors ginger ale with lots of finely diced garlic, white and red onion, and a little salt and pepper. Then tong the slabs over nice hot, orange natural wood coals until singed on each side but pink in the middle. Do the same with potatoes and vegetables of choice, and you are in for the highest of taste bud highs.” 

Steven J. Austin has been writing for sports, entertainment, travel, and food publications worldwide since 1982. Reach him at: worldwidejournalist@gmail.com



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