Team Trivia: All Quiet on the Western Front

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Team Trivia: All Quiet on the Western Front

  1. What does the Cook prepare by mistake in chapter 1? TOO MUCH FOOD

  2. What is Kemmerich’s most prized possession? BOOTS

  3. Why does Paul give Kemmerich’s orderlies cigarettes? THEY WILL GIVE HIM MORPHINE

  4. What was Himmelstoss’ civilian job? POSTMAN

  5. What incident ended Himmelstoss’ authority over the boys? DUMPED THE LATRINE BUCKET

  6. What does Paul tell Kemmerich he is fortunate to have lost? ONLY HIS WATCH

  7. What was Kat’s job before the war? COBBLER

  8. What is the “charge at Lohne?” FALING FACE-FIRST IN A WET FIELD

  9. Detering feels that is if vile for war to use which animals? HORSES

  10. Who saves Paul during a gas attack? KAT

  11. How does Kat kill lice? BURINING THEM OVER A CANDLE

  12. Why is Himmelstoss transferred to the front? HE IS CAUGHT MISTREATING THE RECRUITS

  13. How does Tjaden react to Himmelstoss’ insistence that Tjaden obey him? HE ‘AIRS HIS BACKSIDE’

  14. What was Tjaden’s ‘problem’ in boot camp? HE WAS A BEDWETTER

  15. What does Paul say is a sure sign of a bombardment? RATS IN THE TRENCHES

  16. Which weapon had lost its importance? BAYONET

  17. As the war progresses, what is the bayonet replaced with? SPADE

  18. What cause the three new recruits to go crazy? THE BOMBARDMENT

  19. Why can’t the men find the one dying man left on the battlefield even though they can hear him crying? HE MUST BE LYING ON HIS BELLY; HIS CRIES SEEM TO COME FROM EVERY DIRECTION

  20. What does Haie suggest his girlfriend can use the driving band for? A GARTER

  21. Where do the rats grow fat? IN NO MAN’S LAND

  22. To what does Paul compare the new recruits? CHILDREN

  23. Why does Paul decide to make up with Himmelstoss? HE SAVED HAIE’S LIFE

  24. Name one of the two things a soldier needs for contentment. GOOD FOOD AND REST

  25. What do the soldiers marvel at on the poster? A GIRL AND A SAILOR

  26. Paul says that a man cannot be a soldier if he is not ___. SMUTTY

  27. What does Tjaden offer to bring the French girls? BREAD

  28. What did Paul collect? BUTTERFLIES

  29. What is Paul’s mother ill with? CANCER

  30. Whom does Paul anger while on leave? A MAJOR

  31. How did Paul try to escape from the memories of war but not succeed? READING BOOKS

  32. After Paul returned home, what new role did he find Kentorek serving as? A TERRITORIAL

  33. What does Paul’s mother give him before he leaves? POTATO CAKES

  34. What is beside Paul’s camp? A PRISON WITH RUSSIANS

  35. What does Paul give the Russian prisoners? SOME POTATO CAKES

  36. What does Paul discover about the Russians in comparison to himself? THEY ARE FARMHAND JUST LIKE IN HIS OWN COUNTRY

  37. What are the prisoners dying of? DYSENTERY

  38. What is Paul’s favorite food? POTATO CAKES

  39. What does Paul see in the trees when he returns to the front after his leave? SOLDIER’S BODIES

  40. Why is Paul upset about killing the Frenchman? HE HAD TO KILL HIM WITH HIS HANDS

  41. What does Paul learn about the Frenchman and himself during the long hours in the shell-hole? THAT THEY ARE THE SAME

  42. What is the Frenchman’s occupation? PRINTER; COMPOSITOR

  43. What was the Frenchman’s name? GERARD DUVAL

  44. Who or what discovers Paul’s and his friends’ cooking fire smoke? AN OBSERVATION PLANE

  45. When are Paul and Kropp shot? WHEN EVACUATING THE ABANDONED VILLAGE

  46. Why do Paul and Kropp fear the surgeons? THE SURGEONS FREQUENTLY AMPUTATE RATHER THAN TRY TO PATCH

  47. When at the hospital, what request does Paul make of the surgeon? NOT TO BE CHLOROFORMED

  48. How are Paul and Kropp placed in the same ward? THEY BRIBE THE SERGEANT-MAJOR WITH CIGARS

  49. How does Paul ‘persuade’ the nuns to close the door when they pray? HE THROWS A BOTTLE THROUGH THE DOORWAY AT THEM

  50. What is a ‘shooting license’? IT MEANS YOU ARE CRAZY

  51. T/F: The boys’ parents did not want them to enlist in the army. FALSE

  52. T/F: Paul disagrees with Kantorek that he and his friends are the ‘Iron Youth.’ TRUE

  53. T/F: Paul believes that the younger men have more to lose than the older men. TRUE

  54. T/F: Himmelstoss is happy that Paul jabbed him in the stomach during bayonet practice. FALSE

  55. T/F: The soldiers rarely eat turnips. FALSE

  56. T/F: Kat mercifully shoots the fair-haired boy with the injured hip. FALSE

  57. T/F: The food is more important than the ammunition. TRUE

  58. T/F: One recruit falls for every two ‘old soldiers.’ TRUE

  59. T/F: The small shells are more dangerous than the big ones. TRUE

  60. T/F: Himmelstoss treats the soldiers differently on the battlefield than he did in training. FALSE

  61. T/F: Paul and the brunette share tender farewell. FALSE

  62. T/F: Paul refuses to wear his uniform for his father to show off. TRUE

  63. T/F: Paul resents the attention that a nun shows him at the train station. FALSE

  64. T/F: Paul is glad when he is on leave because it eases his mother’s fears. FALSE

  65. T/F: Paul and his friends are not very impresses by the Kaiser when he visits. TRUE

  66. T/F: Paul bandages the French soldier so that he himself might not be shot. TRUE

  67. T/F: Guarding the supply dump was ‘pleasant duty.’ TRUE

  68. T/F: Paul doesn’t hesitate about getting into the clean hospital bed. FALSE

  69. T/F: Like all the other men who go to the Dying room, Peter never returns. FALSE

  70. T/F: Detering is court-martialed for insubordination. FALSE

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