Teaching America History Lesson Plan

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Teaching America History Lesson Plan

Lori Lioy

Atherwood Elementary, SVUSD

Grade 5

Standard 5.6.3

Identify different roles women played during the Revolution (e.g. Abigail Adams, Martha Washington, Molly Pitcher, Phillis Wheatley, Mercy Otis Warren.)

Understanding the contributions of Women during the American Revolution


Students will be able to identify significant women in history and explain the importance of their contributions before, during, and after the war. Students will have a greater appreciation for the roles that women had at that time in history.


Basic background information will be given about the following women Patriots using the Scott Foresman Socials Studies text for 5th grade: Mercy Otis Warren, Phillis Wheatley, Martha Washington, Molly Pitcher, Deborah Sampson, Abigail Adams, Sybil Ludington.
Students will read the text and through classroom discussion make a chart using graphic organizers that outline important contributions of each woman.
Additional information and perspective will be introduced through the following Children’s literature. Teacher will read excerpts that relate more of the personal back stories and consequences of their actions during the revolution.
Outrageous Women of Coloinial America by Mary Furbee

Independent Dames by Laurie Halse Anderson

Colonial Voices: Hear Them Speak by Kay Winters
Students will add notes to their charts as they listen and discuss the selections.
Discussion questions will include:

How did the contributions of women during the revolution differ from the men?

What kinds of daily jobs or chores did women have then?

How do women support wars today?

How did women affect the economy during the war?

How did women protest and oppose British taxes and actions?

All discussion questions will be discussed in partners and then shared out to the larger group. Student will be asked to restate the conclusions and comments of others to clarify he points being made by others.


Students will be actively participating in the lesson throughout. They will read, take notes, share with their partners and comment on other student comments.
Students will then choose the Patriot they would like to know more about and present a readers theater piece from the book Whose Tale is True by Nancy Polette Each student group will work together to rehearse the Reader’s Theater piece and each group will present to the class. At the end of each presentation students can add details to the graphic organizers begun during the first half of the lesson..
Techniques for Checking Understanding

Students will pair up for oral “10,000 pyramid’ game. Each student will have a chance to be clue giver and receiver as they guess the name of each mystery woman. Students can use their notes and charts during clue giving role.

Student comprehension

Following the lesson there will be a short quiz requiring students to match the names of individual women with their most significant contribution.

Students will create riddles using information from their notes about each woman. Riddles will be written on index cards and students will have the opportunity to cruise the room and ask one another to guess the Patriot.
Example_ This patriot was only 16 years old. She was very brave.

She could ride a horse really well. She is sometimes called the f

female Paul Revere.


Students will complete one of the written activities below to express their understanding of the motivations and struggles faced by these women.

Activity 1

Create a brief introduction about themselves as one of the women discussed. They will give information about a their lives with a focus on their actions during the Revolutionary War. They will also be asked to comment on the feelings they had during this difficult time. Students will then visit primary classrooms to present their writings orally as part of Women in History month.

Activity 2

Choose one of the women in our unit and write a journal entry as if you are that individual. You will need to include actual facts including names dates, places and events from our reading. You must also analyze and decide what the possible feelings of each woman might have been.



Students will be given extension choices and will be expected to complete one of the following:

Write their own riddles about male heroes of the revolution using the models that were introduced for the women in this lesson.
Create a political cartoon that highlights an action taken or view expressed by one of the women studied in the lesson.
Compare and Contrast the contributions of one male Patriot to one female Patriot in a two column chart or Venn Diagram.
Research a woman in history during the Revolution that was no discussed and write a brief biographical report about them.

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