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Alg.1 :


Essential Question(s): ):

ELA 9:

  • How does your topic from the Elizabethan Era compare to present day? Are there more similarities than you might think?

  • How do I appropriate cite contextual evidence using MLA format?

  • How does Shakespeare use language and characters to engage his readers and further his themes?

ELA 11:

  • How does fear cause people to behave in irrational ways?

  • Where does authority come from? What is the proper use of authority? How and why can justice and truth be manipulated?


  • Describe the difference between Least Common Multiple and Least Common Denominator?

  • How can we predict the LCM between two given polynomials with no coefficients?

  • How can solve for x using grouping?


  • How do I prove a triangle is similar?

  • If two shapes are similar how do their perimeters and areas compare?

Assessment: Mini-research paper (draft) due Friday, Vocabulary Quiz , Alg,1 and Alg 2 Quizzes, Reading Quiz

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