Teach english in japan: Serve As an Assistant Language Teacher The Wisconsin – Chiba alt program

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TEACH ENGLISH IN JAPAN: Serve As an Assistant Language Teacher
The Wisconsin – Chiba ALT Program

WHAT: The Chiba Prefectural Board of Education is looking for Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) to assist with English instruction in senior high schools in Chiba.

Representatives from Wisconsin serve as ALTs for one year or longer as part of the Chiba-Wisconsin Sister State partnership in a salaried position, including assistance with housing, transportation, and health insurance.

WHERE: Chiba, Wisconsin's Sister State, is located directly east of Tokyo. It's location on Tokyo Bay makes it one of Japan's primary industrial centers and home to one of its busiest trading ports. Agriculture also thrives in this region of Japan, known for vegetables, peanuts, and seaweed harvests. Tokyo Disneyland, located in Chiba, hosts travelers from Japan and around the world. Chiba's rich cultural heritage and varied landscape give visitors a window on the diversity in Japan.

WHO: Positions are open to any Wisconsin resident or graduate from a Wisconsin university. Applicants must holds a bachelor’s degree or will be awarded such a degree by May 31, 2016.

Applicants are not required to have teaching certificates or teaching experience, but should be eager to serve as a native-speaking assistant to a Japanese teacher of English.

WHEN: The one-year contract with the Chiba Prefectural Board of Education begins in August 2016 and ends in August 2017. Renewal of the contract for up to five years may be possible.


  • The contracted salary is 3,600,000 yen per year. After deductions for taxes, pension, health insurance, etc., the take-home salary varies from approximately 251,000 to 286,000 yen per month.

  • National Health Insurance is included which covers 70% of medical expenses for illnesses and injuries. The Chiba Board of Education covers roundtrip airfare.

  • The contracting organization in Chiba will assist with finding appropriate housing. Rent will be paid by the ALT. In some circumstances, a housing subsidy may be granted.

BACKGROUND: Students attending public schools in Japan begin English instruction in seventh grade and continue studying English through junior and senior high school. The country has hired thousands of native English speakers from the United States, England, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries to serve as ALTs. Japan is continually striving to provide higher levels of English education for its students and employees and has devoted much time to in-service training and innovative curriculum design to improve English education.

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