Weapon and Armor Proficiencies

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Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: light armor, all simple weapons, and martial ranged weapons.
Special Abilities:
Sniper: At first level a targeteer is able to concentrate and get an advantage on his target. He receives +1 base Attack and +1 damage within 30 feet. The targeteer gets another +1 for every two levels above 1st (3rd +2, 5th +3, 7th +4).
Damage Range: At 2nd Level a targeteer is able to add damage to shots fired within +10 ft for very two levels. Any sneak attacks are also possible within the same range.
Combat Shooting: Similar to combat casting, A targeteer is able to use his bow while in melee and avoid attacks of opportunity. When combat shooting a targeteer must make a concentration check of 15 or is unable to fire his bow for that melee or take any other combat equivalent action.
Sneak Attack: Similar to thieves, targeteer can make sneak attacks.

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