Targeted killing as a first resort outside active hostilities

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Zero chance of conflict

Wang Shuo 12, managing editor of Caixin Media, "Closer Look: Why War Is Not an Option," September 12, Caixin Online,

There won't be a war in East AsiaThe United States has five military alliances in the western Pacific: with South Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore, and American battleships are busy patrolling the seas. Without a go-ahead from Washington, there is no possibility of a hot war between battleships of sovereign countries here. As to conflicts between fishing boats and patrol boats, that's not really a big deal.¶ The Chinese have to ponder several questions: If the country has battleship wars with Japan, can it win without using ground-based missiles? Will the war escalate if missiles are deployed? What will happen if the war continues with no victory in sight?¶ In the last few days, one country bought islands, and the other announced the base points and the baselines of its territorial waters. But look closely, China and Japan have at least two things in common in this hostile exchange: At home they fan up nationalism, and in the international arena no activities have exceeded the scope of previous, respective claims on sovereigntyThis means there is no possibility of a war in East Asia, not even remotely.

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