Targeted industries networking fund

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IAC 2/20/13

Economic Development[261]

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261—107.1(82GA,ch122) Authority—fund termination and transition.

107.1(1) Authority. The authority for adopting rules governing the targeted industries networking fund under this chapter is provided in 2007 Iowa Acts, House File 829, section 7(7).

107.1(2) Fund termination and transition. The targeted industries networking fund in this chapter was established in order to implement 2007 Iowa Acts, House File 829, section 7(7), and 2011 Iowa Code Supplement section 15.412(3)“i.” In 2012 Iowa Acts, House File 2473, section 31, the general assembly rescinded the provisions that provided the statutory basis for the fund. The rules in this chapter that were in effect upon the repeal of the fund shall apply to all awards made and all contracts entered into under the fund on or before June 30, 2012, and shall continue to apply until such time as all such contracts, including all amendments to such contracts, reach the end of their effective contract periods and are closed by the authority. No new awards will be made under the fund, and no new contracts will be entered into on or after July 1, 2012.

[ARC 0611C, IAB 2/20/13, effective 3/27/13]

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