Tang & Song China

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Tang & Song China
What impact did the Tang and Song dynasties have on the following areas of Chinese society?


Expanded network of reads and canals begun during Sui dynasty

Government: Strengthened central government; revised/expanded civil service exam system

Foreign trade: Encouraged extensive overland trade

Expanded sea trade; colonies; new religions; Islam, Eastern Christianity

Agriculture: Improved cultivation of rice

Science/Technology: Moveable type; gunpowder; magnetic compass

Art: Nurtured works of artists; produced great poetry/painting

What changes did the two dynasties bring about for the following groups?

Old Aristocratic Families: Power began to fade

Gentry: Created elite upper class whose status based on education and position in civil service, not on land ownership

Women: Status declined especially among upper classes in cities (footbinding)

Buddhist Monasteries:

Attacked as “foreign”

What was continuous throughout the period (600-1450)?

Political-Nomadic threats, Confucianism

Economic-long-distance trade, urbanization

Society-patriarchal family


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