Tales of temples and tombs

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Costume Suggestions: http://bestclipartblog.com/clipart-pics/egyptian-clip-art-11.gif

Here are some costume suggestions for our upcoming performance of

TALES OF TEMPLES AND TOMBS” on Thursday March 26th. Costume look great for performances, but are not required, and may be as simple or elaborate as you wish.

Basically, all Ancient Egyptian clothing consisted of linen garments, so could have your child wrap a white or patterned sheet around his/her body, over clothing, securing loose ends around shoulder/waist with safety pins, tie, or rope/belt. Students can also dress as explorers (think “Indiana Jones”,) mummies, or Egyptian Pharaohs (Cleopatra, King Tut, etc.) Please make sure students are able to move their arms and legs, and should be comfortable enough to stand on stage in their costumes. Ancient Egyptian also wore a lot of jewelry such as bracelets, arm cuffs, and colorful beaded necklaces. Be as creative as you’d like! Looking forward to seeing you at our performance!


Ms. Brittany McGaffic

Ms. Jennie Weyman

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