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TAl CULTURE Vol. III, No. 2 bibliography on baan-müang



Tai baan-müang. A Selected Bibliography.
Compiled by Jana Raendchen
This selected bibliography especially focuses on irrigation, administration and ritual in the baan-müang-concept. Though it was my aim to compile a more comprehensive bibliography, due to limitations of time and place (pages to be printed) special criteria for selection had to be fixed. Firstly, works which directly fit in the three themes, whether having a historical perspective or dealing with actual matters, were selected. Secondly, some general works on irrigation and administration changes and transformations had been included. Besides this, I included a selection of works which peripherically fit in the themes, as community studies and historical analyses, for example. Original sources, as annals, chronicles and early Western field reports had to be left out. The claim of this bibliography is not completeness, but to give an introductory overview on recent studies on the theme. The reader is pleased to pay attention to the bibliographical notes of the articles of this thematical issue, too.


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