Take home portion of the civil war test short Answer Question Section read the directions below!

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Short Answer Question Section


  • This is due Monday 27th at the beginning of class. If you do not turn it in, it’s a zero.

  • Complete on computer. All answers must be numbered and typed. If this is a problem then see me after class.

  • NO PLAGARIZING: The answers must reflect your own wording and ideas. If we are suspicious that collaboration led to plagiarism or that you took information from another source then please refer to the student handbook for rules and consequences regard plagiarism. We will be using turnitin.com to check for plagiarism.

  • If you are absent on Monday then you must email it to me before noon on Monday or else it is a ZERO. Also, you will have to take Part B test during class on Tuesday.


Part I. Answer each of the following questions (1-3) in complete sentences. PLEASE ANSWER ALL PARTS OF EACH QUESTION!

    1. Which battle, campaign, or march do you believe was the turning point for the Confederacy? (note: turning point = they were the favored side and winning the war)

    1. Which battle, campaign, or march do you believe was the turning point for the Union? (note: turning point = they were the favored side and winning the war)

3. Many of you realized that it is difficult to engage the class while ‘teaching/presenting’ your topic. You were asked to teach the topic based on how you would understand it. We all saw those that did a great job helping us understand their topic and we also saw those who did not understand the topic themselves and therefore could not explain it to other people.

If you want to be successful at your future job/present job and get raises you need to be able to explain your chosen content/field competently and correctly, right? Whether or not you want to be a chef, accountant, policeman, mechanic, nurse or teacher; you will want to move up the ladder and become better at your chosen craft! Please answer the following in complete sentences. Be honest and thorough:

  1. What tools and strategies did you use to help your peers understand your topic?

  2. Was it a success? Why or Why not?

  3. What would you do differently if given another chance? Please be detailed- it will help you earn more points.

Part II. Read each of the following quote and answer in complete sentences. Do not answer on this paper, you may only use it for a rough draft!!

b. According to Lincoln, how can ex-slaves contribute to the war effort? Do you

think slaves were eager to help in the war? Why or why not?

Part III. Choose ONE of the following readings.


First: Identify which one you chose
Second: Read and underline important ideas
Lastly: Write down THREE QUESTIONS based on the 3 main ideas/most important points of the reading. Include the ANSWERS as well.
Reading #1 The Emancipation Proclamation

Reading #2: The Draft Riot

Download 11.29 Kb.

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