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Table of Contents

Middle Passage Aff & Neg – CNDI 2014 2

Zong Aff 3

Fem Aff 11

K version 17

Observation One is the Middle Passage 18

Observation Two is the Final Chapter 21

2AC 27

Middle passage key 28

Law Bad 34

Capitalism 36

Scriptocentrism 39

Anthro 42

Eco Feminism 46

Feminism 49

Framework 51

Negative 52


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2NC 56


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2NC 62

Speaking for others K 63

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EXT. Speaking for others 66

South African Focus Counterplan 70

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Case 95

Middle Passage Aff & Neg – CNDI 2014

Zong Aff

Resolved: The USFG should substantially increase its non-military exploration and/or development of the Earth’s oceans.

Let’s be honest here. Unless you’re living on a sailboat and seeing the ocean every day, it’s pretty hard to get used to the ocean. We miss seeing everything the ocean can offer us. We can’t look out a window daily and get used to it. When you see the ocean only occasionally, its value and importance seems infinite. Not by way of space for development or resources, though. Maybe it’s different for people that often experience and explore the ocean, but I can’t imagine being forced to talk about using it that way. No, it offers us so much more than power or minerals as a means to an end. Instead of limiting our thinking about OTEC or oil extraction, this topic deserves a greater discussion. The history of the ocean far supersedes the value of getting some than oil or wave power. The ocean centralizes history and shows all that has happened in the world even through it represents both fluidity and constancy. It has been the birthplace of key achievements and downfalls dotting the landscape of our past. The stories and secrets it holds are as vast and deep and undiscovered as the ocean itself. We focus only on the future of what can be done to change the ocean, as we know it. But the exploration of the ocean through the reimagining of these histories offers the potential to learn and do so much more than the traditional exploration would.

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