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Credit: 2 Grade Level: 10-12

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Credit: 2

Grade Level: 10-12

AP European History focuses on an in-depth study of the history of Europe from 1500 to present. The topics emphasized will include Renaissance and Exploration, Reformation and Religious Wars, Early Modern Society, Scientific Revolution, Growth of the State and Commercial Revolution, Enlightenment and Social Change, French Revolution, Industrial Society, nationalism and Imperialism, Intellectual, Cultural, and Social Upheaval, world War I and Revolution, The Crisis of Democracy, and World War II, and 1945 to present. Emphasis will be placed on themes that run through out history. Essay writing will be an important component of the course as well as document based questions (DBQs) and multiple choice quizzes and exams. These are designed to replicate components of the College Board exam to prepare students to take the AP European History Test.

AP American History

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