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Credit: 2 Grade Level: 11

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Credit: 2

Grade Level: 11

American History is a two semester course required for graduation. In this class, students are asked to examine movements in America, both past and present, which have shaped the American point of view. Students will study periods of American History from post Reconstruction (1877) to present day.

World History (Ancient)

Credit: 1

Grade Level: 10-12

World History focuses on the development of civilization from earliest man. Emphasis is placed on human achievement from the Neolithic Period through the Middle Ages. Special emphasis is placed on the arts and sciences and the lasting contributions to Western Civilization made by the major groups studied. The role of the individual in history is stressed. Comparisons are drawn between ancient times and modern where applicable. The student should gain an understanding of their cultural heritage and an appreciation for the contributions made by individuals who lived in ancient times.

World History (Recent)

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