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Credit: 2 Prerequisite: Teacher approval

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Credit: 2

Prerequisite: Teacher approval

Life Skills – Science allows students to explore a variety of science topics. It is designed to allow students to investigate using the process of scientific inquiry. Skills will correlate with life skills needed during their high school career as well as with their post-secondary transition. Students will utilize these skills in a variety of ways.


Cultural Geography

Credit: 2

Grade Level: 9

This course introduces students to the connections between the physical geography of a place and how it influences the culture of the people that live there. The curriculum covers the major methods and theories that are used in attempting to explain the world that human beings have created.

AP Human Geography

Credit: 2

AP Human Geography is a two-semester course designed as an introductory college geography class. This course introduces students to the basic concepts of human geography and provides a geographic framework for the analysis of current world problems. The course introduces students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have helped shape human understanding, as well as the use and alteration of the Earth’s surface. The course develops the ability to ask geographic questions, to acquire organize, and analyze geographic information, and finally answer various geographic questions. Students employ spatial concepts and landscape analysis human social organization and its environmental consequences.

World Issues

Credit: 1

World Issues is deigned to acquaint the student with a wide range of current worldwide and national issues. Important issues or events in the world will be traced to their historical roots. This course is designed to assist students in becoming more informed world-citizens and to give them the historical background of events necessary to better understand current situations. Students will become familiar with important people, places and events in the world and will be able to hold opinions based on facts and deeper understandings.

American History

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