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Credit: 1 Prerequisite: 2 Art Courses

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Credit: 1

Prerequisite: 2 Art Courses

Grade Level: 10-12

Animation will focus on giving students the opportunity to develop skill in effectively communicating through the process of animation. The main focus of the class will be in using the 12 principles of animation to produce finished products in a range of possible animation techniques. Some of the possible types of animation could include (but are not limited to) stop motion, hand drawn, computer generated, and photographic animation. Students will learn about effective historical and contemporary examples of animation, as well as the discipline’s different career paths. Due to the nature of animation, this class will have a heavy focus on collaboration and various forms of critique.

Digital Graphic Design

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: 3 Art Courses (Art Expo and Photography: C or higher/instructor approval)

This course focuses on fundamental principles and techniques for effective visual composition in print or multimedia applications for Graphic Design. Students will learn the art of applying dynamic design to various forms of visual communications. By working individually and in small groups students will be asked to creatively solve design problems using hands-on and digital activities/projects. Students will learn to control color, type, symbols, images, and photography to inform, persuade and visually entice the viewer. Students will learn techniques for creating, revising, and producing images using Adobe Photoshop.

Advanced Drawing and Painting

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Art Exploration and 2D Art with a C or higher/ Instructor Approval

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