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Credit: 2 Prerequisite: Teacher approval

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Credit: 2

Prerequisite: Teacher approval

Life Skills - Math is designed to develop and improve students’ math skills. Major emphasis will be placed on the areas of money, telling time, and basic math facts. Community outings will be utilized to reinforce these skills.


Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Must have completed the Advanced Beginner level of the Urbandale Instrumental Developmental Performance Record

High school instrumental music is offered to students who have completed middle school band or who have approval by a director. Group and individual learning opportunities in band include concert and marching (including drum line) bands as well as lessons and solo and small ensemble contest. The band performs locally at concerts, contests and festivals, and nationally every four years on a major trip. The Band has represented the Urbandale community through performances in such locations as the Bahamas, California, and Hawaii. With concert band and lessons at the core of the program, involvement fosters individual responsibility, accountability and teamwork. Knowledge and skills attained at this level will serve to prepare the student for further musical involvement. Group literature levels range from level 4 (9th-10th graders) to level 5 (11th-12th) on a scale of 1 to 6. Solo and small ensemble literature ranges from level 3 to level 6. Band meets Day 1/Day 2 for a total of 215 minutes per week with additional before-school rehearsals during marching season.

Jazz Band

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